Mariachi El Bronx – Slam Dunk Festival 2015

If one band was to stand out from the line up during this years Slam Dunk festival (or probably any Slam Dunk for that matter) it would be LA seven piece Mariachi El Bronx. Returning to the UK in only a couple of months (Check out our review of their Huddersfield show in February here).

The day went through quite a shit, going from the manic and impossibly Biritsh antics of Lightyear to the dignified set from El Bronx. Lit up by the afternoon sun, the upbeat songs such as Norteño Lights got the whole crowd into a big dancing mess. With people dragging complete strangers into the mix, it was truly a sight to behold. The band strummed through a variety of songs from their discography, including 48 Roses to open and Wildfires from their latest release. 

The band as always were impeccably well dressed in their matching gold and black Mariachi uniforms… Aside from Jorma. Reason why which soon became clear as front-man Matt Caughthran addressed the crowd. “There is one ass-hole here at Slam Dunk. He or She stole Jorma’s jacket and an assault on the king’s men is an assault on the king himself”. Even going as far as to offer a “sixty English pound” reward for the capture of this individual. [Turns out the guy was stood next to me wearing the jacket inside out]. After two young women in the audience alerted security, the jacket was safely returned.

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