Live Review: NOFX & Alkaline Trio – 02 Academy Leeds

For the second of two nights, the triple bill of US Punk Giants shook the roof of the 02 Academy in Leeds. With four of the most distinctive voices in punk, the UK crowds were in for one of the most anticipated punk tours in recent years.

Returning to the UK after their visit with fellow Fat Wreck Chords bands, The Flatliners and Western Addiction in March in support of their latest full length, Hang (See our stellar review right here). Opening the show with the A-Team theme tune played over the PA, the crowd was already thick and excited. Wasting no time, the boys launch into fan favourites such as After You My Friend and Falling Apart, during the latter, some fans came prepared throwing cigarettes at the stage after the line “Who’s got a smoke for the Caper”. Playing songs from their back catalogue whilst dropping four of their new tracks in the middle of their set. 

Next up were Chicago’s finest Alkaline Trio. Who took the stage clad in matching baseball jackets and whipped the crowd into a frenzy with one sentence: “Hi, We’re Alkaline Trio and we’re gonna play an album called From Here To Infirmary”. After stating they were going to do so on three dates of the tour, Leeds was not on the list. This pleasant surprise got everyone in the room so pumped, even a security guard down from sang along to every word of Private Eye. This was helped by the band themselves seeming much more involved in the show than their last trip to the UK last year. With Matt interacting with the crowd and also Fat Mike’s daughter Darla stood at the side of the stage. Closing their set with a few extra songs such as This Could Be Love, War Brain and Radio. Though Alkaline Trio still seem to be one of the few bands who play songs slower than the record version which makes songs like You’re Dead somewhat interesting.

Final band on the bill were Californian punk legends NOFX.  Taking the stage under their tiny banner and Mike wearing a black and white dress and black PVC glove. Seeing no rush to start playing, they stood on stage and talked for a couple of minutes before opening with 60%. Whilst finding plenty of time between songs to talk and insult members of the crowd so brutally it would make the creators of South Park blush, which included tearing some guy in the crowd to shreds over his mohawk and being very vague in regards to a story about Lemmy because his daughter was present. Though the presence of Darla didn’t do much to censor Mike, “This song is for my offspring, my friends offspring and the band, Offspring. It’s called Fuck The Kids”. Managing to rip through a 26 song set which spanned from 12 of their past releases. Thoroughly pleasing just about everyone as there were songs new and old to enjoy for the wide spectrum of fans in attendance at the O2 Academy.

Rating: 7 Slices out of 8
tiny pizza blackout

Reminds me of: A deep pan takeaway with multiple cans of Red Stripe.

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