Interview with Lou of Palisades

The Daily Slice had the chance to chat with Lou of Palisades, a post-hardcore/EMD band based out of Iselin, New Jersey spending the entire summer on Vans Warped Tour. We spoke with Lou at Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA about the tour, their follow-up album to their most recent release Mind Games, and his family’s pizza parlor.

The Daily Slice: First, could you introduce yourself to our readers with your name, what you do in Palisades, and where they can get the best slice of pizza in your hometown.

Lou Miceli: My name is Lou, I sing in Palisades, and technically my hometown is in Florida, and I did work at a pizzeria forever there. But, if you go to south Jersey, my family owns a restaurant called La Bella Pizzeria, so go there. But if you’re in south Florida, in Palm Coast, go to Joe’s New York Pizza. 

TDS: Very cool. Now, I know Palisades has some new music coming out a while after the summer ends. Considering the massive progression of your sound over the last few years, do you guys know what direction you’ll be taking with the new material yet?

LM: Honestly, we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg with writing this album so far, so we’re really still experimenting. We definitely, I feel, have found our sound. We’re definitely going to be heading in that direction, like Mind Games, but on even more steroids than it was before. So, it’s really just experimenting and trying to find out more about ourselves.

TDS: Are you doing anything on Warped Tour this summer to promote the new music at all?

LM: Playing an awesome fucking set, having the dopest merch on Warped Tour, and just doing shit like that. I feel like everybody knows about the album now, I feel like the only thing you can really do is try to have the coolest live show to make people want to buy it.

TDS: Are you playing any new material in your sets this summer?

LM: No, we won’t really have anything new until next year.

TDS: That’s certainly something to look forward to. How’s Warped Tour been so far now that we’re at about the halfway point?

LM: It’s been great so far, it’s going way better than we would have ever thought. It’s a little more work, but always rewarding, always fun.

TDS: Has there been a particular date that stood out to you?

LM: Atlanta was dope. We opened up, and it was probably one of, if not the biggest crowd. It was really sick.

TDS: Is there anything out of the ordinary that you bring on tour with you? Or anything special you brought for your summer on Warped?

LM: I just made shelves in my bunk, so I’m pretty stoked on that. I have my 3DS on me at all times, but that’s the only thing like that.

TDS: If you had to offer a piece of advice to a band coming on to Warped Tour for their first summer, what would you tell them?

LM: Bring a lot of shorts and no shirts, and it rains a lot so bring a jacket.

TDS: Is there any other Palisades news we should be looking out for as Warped Tour comes to an end?

LM: We’re going to Japan in September. We’re going to be doing a lot of touring in the fall going into next year, so just keep an eye out for some dope-ass tours.

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