Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls Inspire Random Acts of Kindness

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls have spent months teasing fans about the release of their sixth studio album, Positive Songs for Negative People, which came out on August 7 (Check out our review here!). This release, however, came with a challenge. In mid-July, Turner posted this to his Instagram page:

With the album’s themes of overcoming hardships and finding ways to stay positive in the face of adversity, a challenge to make the world a better place was fitting. Since Turner sent out that fateful post, fans from all over have been celebrating random acts of kindness, and sending more of these acts out into the world. The street team for Turner’s label, Xtra Mile Recordings, took the challenge into their own hands. Street teamers took to the internet with images featuring positive lyrics from the record, including its leading singles “Get Better”, “The Next Storm”, and “Glorious You”, in order to spread positivity as well as awareness for the album’s release.

Meanwhile, the suggested Twitter hashtag, #FTRAOK, was flooded with stories of good deeds and kind Samaritans. Here are some of our favorites:

More random acts of kindness can be found under #FTRAOK on Twitter, or here. Consider doing an act of kindness for yourself, and order your own copy of Positive Songs for Negative people through Xtra Mile Recordings, iTunes, or Amazon.

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