Live Review: Brand New – Manchester Albert Hall

In the heart of Manchester is one of the most interesting venues: an old Wesleyan chapel hidden away for 40 years. Before being restored for use as a venue, the Albert Hall was open again for worship, and Thursday night’s pastors were Long Island natives, Brand New, bringing with them Ipswich hardcore heroes, Basement.

Basement opened the show wasting no time following their introductory “Hi, we’re Basement from Ipswich.” With a steady eight song set, the band pulled nearly evenly from their two studio albums. There was no shortage of fans in attendance, but they  may have picked up a few new ones due to their on stage energy, although the echoey venue did leave the sound slightly messy.

However where the environment hindered the British five piece, there is possibly no better setting to ever view Brand New. With their effects heavy sound filled with feedback and distortion they created a truly beautiful experience. Again not a band for saying a great deal on stage, the boys ploughed through Vices, Gasoline and The Archers Bows have Broken early on, backed with their ludicrously powerful lights.

But this time they brought something new: along with their projector displaying short footage of various things such as a chap walking on a beach, it also mixed in live ghostly black & white and negative images of the band and crowd thanks to an array of cameras set about the stage. That was around when things changed up, during Sic Transit people were rushing closer to the stage and with the venue upstairs, the floor began to bend. (I looked into my beer and it resembled a scene from Jurassic Park).  The band played a heavily selection from all four past releases causing people let out their inner teenage angst for Seventy Times 7 and then drop to quite a solemn tone during Limousine. Then Jesse performing a new solo song Sealed To Me. The performance of Jesus Chris struck a particular chord due to the setting. Not a set soon forgot.

With only two bands on the bill, and both known for their high energy sets. There was never any doubt about the quality of the nights show. But again both bands exceeded expectations and I think may have left a lasting emotional reaction on a few people.

Rating: 8 Slices out of 8

Reminds Me Of: Going back to your favourite and most trusted pizzeria, then taking that bite and remembering its that good that you may just shed a tear.

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