Can A Series Go On For Too Long?

I feel as though ‘have we dragged this on too long’ is a question that every TV writer, or film writer, has asked themselves at one point throughout a series, only some seem to get it wrong. When you start watching a series, whether it be a new TV series, or a series of films new or a remake, you always expect the end of that series to end with a bang.

From the minute you start watching it, from that very first minute you begin to think about how it might end, you think about your favourite characters, what might happen to them, where they might end up and you constantly wish your dream of it will come true. And in some circumstances that does happen, even if it isn’t the ending you want it’s something so brilliant you often don’t even care. But, sometimes, just sometimes, that doesn’t happen. And the ending is so shocking you wonder why they didn’t think to end it before or what in their minds made them think it was a good plan! 

Take Lost for example, the TV series on a whole was considered to be amazing, but when the ending came about it wasn’t only incredibly confusing, but it was something people seemed to have guessed from the start before the writers tried to drive them away from that idea and change their opinions.

A complete opposite to this was the Harry Potter series, both books and films. Although the film series was released based on the books, actually watching it on the big screen was still an amazing experience, and the ending was something people had only ever envisioned, but another film after such an amazing battle would have created a somewhat disappointing ending for the ever loving fans. Every person has their own opinions on what is a good ending and what is a bad ending, and that’s what makes it so brilliant.

But lets see what the rest of our staff say.

“I tip my hat to HBO for ending Breaking Bad at the high point of its popularity and what an ending it was. But also MORE FIREFLY!” – Ryan

Supernatural is going into its 11th season… the show finished its story arch and was set to end at the end of the 5th season. And then there’s NBC’s Hannibal. Gone too soon. RIP.” – Melissa

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