Live Review: Patent Pending at Leeds University Union 24/11

Way before the bands even start, Leeds University Union was absolutely buzzing for the start of the Zebrahead and Patent Pending gig preparing to take place there that night. It’s usually pretty easy to get lost in the Union itself, but tonight there was no mistaking the booming music coming from within the building.

Walking into the room, there’s a merch table to the immediate left, which tonnes of people are crowding around, not making a dint however, on the pure mass of people already forming around the stage. As the lights were dimmed, everyone immediately went towards that area, filling it to the brim ready for the support act. Through this act, however, I was in a separate room speaking to Patent Pending lead singer Joe Ragosta. 

Returning in time to catch the lads from Patent Pending finishing setting up their stage, everyone was ready and waiting for the show to start. Unlike the usual music to ‘walk on to,’ the track played sounded almost like a malfunction with the equipment, but as soon as everyone was on stage it was announced that the sound played was in fact drummer Anthony recording himself on the loo. An almost disgustingly entertaining way to begin a show.

Opening with ‘Classic You,’ from their 2013 album Brighter, the audience immediately went wild, jumping around and singing along. I doubt the band could have picked a better song to open their set with. Following up with ‘She Don’t Give A Shit About Me’ and ‘Let It Go’ before playing their signature bit, the universally known Friends theme tune, which was played absolutely perfectly.

Powering through a few more of their hits, the lads then got to the song that gets everybody moving, ‘Hey Mario,’ which takes the tale of the unlucky in love Mario, flips it on its head and tells him how to get his life together without Princess Peach (who, admittedly, isn’t a good influence really, is she?).

Drawing to a close, the band played yet another well-known theme tune that got everybody in the audience jumping, the Big Bang Theory theme tune (although it sadly did replace another song as there wasn’t enough time). The last song played was the phenomenal ‘Douchebag,’ there wasn’t really another song that could’ve closed the set the way that did, if you discount the same recording of Anthony played in the intro, which was once again played at full volume as the lads walked off.

Patent Pending are heading back to the UK on their own headline tour again in April 2016.

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