Album Review: Hands Like Houses – Dissonants

1450437387_hands-like-houses-dissonants-20162016 is bound to be a great year for Hands Like Houses. Not only are they completing their rearranged 2015 tour, but they are also releasing their third full album. A follow up to 2013’s Unimagine, Dissonants is a highly anticipated release. Although the Australian rock band lost keyboard player, Jamal Sabet, in 2014, they are still powering along strong. Recorded between April and May 2015, in Florida, and is due to be released later this month.

Opening track ‘I Am’, the first single to be released from the album, is a great way to start. With its bouncy riffs and powerful drums, it definitely sets the feel for this album. Following on from this is ‘Perspectives’, opening with a guitar, before introducing the drums, added to the catchy chorus, this is a fabulous song to dance along to. 

‘Colourblind’ and ‘New Romantics’ come next, the third and second single releases for this release respectively. ‘Colourblind’ is somewhat heavier than the previous songs in the opening, but still fits well within the album. It starts with hard-hitting drums, then slightly calms for the verse, allowing the vocals to become the central vocus of the song. ‘New Romantics’ starts out as a complete opposite. With a very calm opening before the instruments kick in, it pulls you in ready for the vocals.

‘Division Symbols’ opens with a piano-like sound; it’s definitely something different from the previous songs, but in a really great way. The drums seem to take a backseat at the beginning of this song to allow the vocals and other instruments to take the full force.

The final four tracks on this album, ‘Motion Sickness’, ‘Degrees Of Seperation’, Grey Havens’ and ‘Bloodlines’, are all amazing tracks to provide the end part of the album. They all create relaxed, chilled feelings before kicking in to the usual full-force tracks that are known from HLH. ‘Bloodlines’ is especially powerful as its the final track on the album, opening with heightened drums, and the vocals coming in a few beats late. The bouncy beat makes you want to get up and dance along, a perfect way to close out an awesome, well-rounded record.

Keep an eye out for this one, set to be released this Friday!

Rating: 7 slices out of 8
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