Interview: The Happy Alright

Do you know what aggressive dogcore is? Or pup punk? The Happy Alright insist it’s some kind of genre they’re at the forefront of. I had a chance to ask a few questions to the Dallas based four piece. Check it out below.

The Daily Slice: For the record, can you state your name and your role in the band?

Sterling: I’m Sterling, I play guitar and sing.
Mason: I’m Mason, I play bass and sing/scream sometimes
Johnathan: I’m Johnathan and I play guitar.
Brad: I’m Brad and I play drums. 

TDS: Since The Daily Slice is a pizza themed website, what is your favorite type of pizza and where do you get it?

S: GAPCO in Dallas is awesome. They put this “Pizza Crack” stuff on it. Oh man.
M: I love Alfredo pizza, and my favorite pizza place is a place called Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum.
J: I really like Alfredo pizza from Cici’s but I also really like pepperoni. Usually if I want a slice of pepperoni I’ll hit up Tony’s by Brad’s house.
B: I’m all about sausage and mushrooms.

TDS: For anyone who may not have heard of you guys, how would you describe The Happy Alright?

M: We’re just a bunch of dudes that screw around way too much and sometimes play music.
S: That’s perfect.
J: Agreed.
B: I also agree.

TDS: You guys are set to self release a new EP, Vacancies, on March 4. Why did you choose the title Vacancies? What are you hoping to accomplish with this EP?

M: We wanted something that would describe the fact that there is something empty in all of us, but it’s not going to be empty forever.
S: That’s also perfect. Wow, Mason, you’re killing it.
B: Mason’s doing work.
S: Hopefully people will be able to relate to it, and find some meaning in these songs.
B: I’m hoping that people can feel these songs the way we do. It’s not something that we just threw together – it’s something that we put a lot of work into, and it’s decently something that reflects our personal lives and emotions.

TDS: What do you think the biggest difference between Esperando and Vacancies is?

S: To me, Esperando just felt like a collection of songs that we wanted to release after sitting on them forever, like a compilation I guess… Vacancies really feels like a fluid body of work that has a little bit of each of us in every song. It was a much more collaborative process, and as a result, the record feels concise, in the best way possible.
B: Vacancies is a collection of songs with a common theme. Like Sterling said, this writing process was very collaborative and we all put our own mark on this EP.

TDS: The Happy Alright recently the first single from the EP, Parking Garage. How has the reaction been?

S: It’s been awesome! Everyone seems to be really digging what we’re doing now, which we couldn’t be more grateful for. We can’t wait for people to hear the rest of the record.
M: I’m really glad people are enjoying it! I remember one of our friends sharing the video and quoting some of the lyrics to the song and I remember it giving me chills

TDS: Texas is mostly known for producing a sizeable amount of metalcore bands. Is The Happy Alright trying to put Dallas on the map for pop punk?

S: Haha, I wouldn’t say we’re actively trying to do that. But, I definitely hope that we can make some sort of impact and lead people to check out other Dallas bands (Shouts to Under Dog House).
B: We are actually a metalcore band.

TDS: Who would be the most likely to be late to soundcheck? Most likely to have an onstage mishap? Most likely to disappear after a set?

S: Late to soundcheck… Probably Brad. Sorry man. Onstage mishap: Definitely Mason. I don’t think he’s played a show without breaking something. Sorry, not sorry. Most likely to disappear? Our self confidence lol.
M: My bass has definitely seen better days… Like before I started playing it haha
B: I haul all of the gear and most of the time the rest of the band. Sorry if I’m late to a sounds check because I usually have to drive all over north Texas before a show.  Yes, Mason has a bad reputation of breaking everything.  Sterling usually disappears after a set.

TDS: What would be your dream tour?

M: There are so many bands I’d love to tour with. Probably the biggest one for me would be The Wonder Years. I feel like I could watch that band play for the rest of my life.
S: Ditto to The Wonder Years… But for me, um, GREEN DAY. That doesn’t even sound remotely possible ever.
J: letlive, The Wonder Years, Toto. Perfect tour in my opinion.
B: Honestly I would be happy on any tour if we had more than a few people to play for each night. But probably touring with the story so far would make 14 year old me really happy.

TDS: What does the rest of 2016 look like for The Happy Alright? What can fans expect?

S: We’re going to play A LOT of shows if we can. And hey, who knows, maybe we’ll release some more music.
B: Rock shows and rock shows.

TDS: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

M: Watch more anime.

TDS: What is aggressive dog-core?

M: Aggressive Dog-Core™ is the primary genre The Happy Alright is categorized by according to the RIAA. They chose this for us because we don’t play shows or make music for any other reason than we expect you to bring your dog to our show and let us pet it.

You can pre-order The Happy Alright’s new EP Vacacines here.

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