Album Review: Somos – “First Day Back”

The album “First Day Back,” released by emo-punk band Somos on February 19th, was exactly what I expected it to be. Which is, in many ways, a good thing. First of all, I had high hopes for the album after listening to “Temple of Plenty” and the Have Mercy Split for most of 2015. From that, it was obvious the band had real musical ability. Plus, Somos got a beaming recommendation from Have Mercy’s Brian Swindle when I interviewed him last March, so from that point on I knew they had to be good.

I was pleased with the quality of the album and the many exhibitions of talent Somos shows right off the bat. Every song flowed seamlessly into one another and I was immediately immersed in this album. Unlike “Temple of Plenty,” “First Day Back” is really good background music, almost reminiscent of some of the 1975’s synthy, flowly backtracks. These are especially noticeable in “Days Here are Long,” the sixth song on the eleven song record, and one of the most soothing. 

Maybe best way to describe this album is that it feels like February (incidentally the month in which it was released). “First Day Back” is a nervous calm, a slightly dismal, but oddly at ease, feeling of fluidity. This record proves Somos’s true artistry as musicians, while still maintaining a healthy amount of emo. It pulls from the band’s past and looks into the bands future, which results in a beautiful exhibition of growth, and has me locking the doors and starting the ignition on this bandwagon.

My only issue with the record is that I got so caught up in it I didn’t realize it was over until I felt empty.

Goes well with a side of: Manchester Orchestra

Rating: 7.5 out of 8 slices
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