Live Review: Allison Weiss – The Deaf Institute, Manchester

California based indie artist Allison Weiss ventured across the pond on the back of her latest LP, ‘New Love’ for the New Love UK Tour.  Bringing along frequent gigging partner and fellow LA singer-songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs to the trendy Manchester venue.

Also on the bill was local talent, Sally Pepper. Starting the evening with some upbeat sounding songs fuelled by her humorous personality, such as her song ‘Nothing’ which she described “is about what I do after I finished university”. She successfully kept the set filled with momentum by not allowing anything to sound similar, Through the use of loop pedals and drum machines also kept things constantly changing.

Next to take the stage was Jenny Owen Youngs, opening with ‘Love for Long’, the first track from her last full length release. The Manchester crowd were also treated to an insight to Jenny’s deep love for 90’s TV and sunny disposition, by introducing personal songs such as ‘Clean Break’ as “the part of the Venn diagram that is a mix of X-Files and a recent break up. Closing her set with Pirates and a cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’, Jenny received a monstrous round of applause that seemed to shake the entire room,

Finally, it was time for Allison Weiss and her band to take the stage and Allison introducing themselves as “My name is Allison Weiss and we are a band called Allison Weiss”. Taking almost all of her set from New Love, with a few from Say What You Mean. Including Hole In Your Heart, which Allison described as “so emo” and proceeded to get excited about America finally discovering “Emo night” (in which a nightclub dedicates a night to playing Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day and so on). ‘Hole In Your Heart’ was a stand out song in the set as guitarist Peter Recine mid song, played a song on his phone through the pickups of the guitar.  Another song that stood out was Wait For Me, which brought the room to silence, where you could hear glasses being put down on the bar and every creak of the stage as the crowd watched attentively to every strum of the guitar.

Allison, Jenny and co delivered one of the most beautiful and emotionally charged sets the Deaf Institute has possibly seen in quite a time, with a number of new fans being picked up by everyone on the bill.

Rating: 8 Slices out of 8
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Reminds Me Of: That first take-away pizza on payday and a month of living on 50p noddles.

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