Live Review: Millencolin – 02 Ritz Manchester

Swedish skate punks Millencolin returned to the UK for their first non festival date since September 2008. With a three date jaunt across England. Though with only two bands on the bill, the venue took its time to fill after the hour and a half wait for Birmingham’s punk rock three piece Templeton Pek to take to the stage.

After a lot of awkward standing around and numerous trips back and forth to the bar, it was show time and Templeton Pek were just what was needed to liven to the place up. With high energy and lots of movement. The crowd started to thicken out as the set went on which only got more intense, including when bassist and lead vocalist Neal Mitchell climbed a very unstable looking bass rig.

But after seemingly no time at all, it was time for Millencolin. They came out guns blazing with the opening track from their 2015 album True Brew. Featuring songs spanning their most popular albums: Pennybridge Pioneers, Home From Home and Kingwood. Taking most of their set from their new album, this night was one of the rare occurrences where the audience cheered heavily for new material (and for good reason, True Brew was one of 2015s stand out albums).

They also filled their set with a good deal with chatter to the crowd, and plenty of messing with the Manchester crowd. “We played London last night, Oasis are from London right?” and “Manchester is known for great football so this song goes out to the best team… Aston Villa!” prior to playing Lozin’ Must (for those outside the UK, Aston Villa are based in Birmingham).

It has been a long awaited return for Millencolin to tour the British shores and they did not disappoint, with the only real downside being the two band bill which caused the night to feel like it ended slightly too soon.

Rating: 6 Slices out of 8
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