Podcast: Women In Music

Ever since alternative music began, it has seemingly been a largely male-dominated genre, from the artists to the people working behind the scenes and everything in between. Even the lyrics created within these genres are almost seen to be against women, with the stereotypical layout being a male singer whining about not being able to get the girl and knowing he could treat her better than the guy she has.

But that’s just the view of a fan, what have people within the industry noticed. Do they think there’s a lack of women? Have a listen to my podcast below to hear what bands had to say about women in music and see if you agree of disagree!

 I interviewed The Dollyrots, a female fronted pop punk/ punk rock band based in America who formed in 2000. They’re trying, and succeeding, in paving the way for women everywhere. The band is made up of vocalist and bassist Kelly Ogden, vocalist and guitarist Luis Cabezas and drummer Rikki Styxx.

And also Adam Grahn, from the band Royal Republic, who also wants more women to come into the industry. The band were formed in 2007 and are comprised of guitarist and lead singer Adam Grahn, bassist Jonas Almén, drummer Per Andreasson and guitarist Hannes Irengård.

Click here to read more about the podcast and leave a comment with what you think about it!All you need to do to comment is, scroll to the bottom of the page, select the comment option, and leave your name and opinion!

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