Guest Blog: Nick DiPace of Older Than Oceans on the Long Island music scene

Recently, I went to a local show, and it reminded me of why I loved going to shows. It also reminded me why I wanted to get involved in the scene in the first place, so I wanted to know what people had to say about certain topics. This new series of guest blogs explores what people have to say about the Long Island music scene. I reached out to Older Than Oceans guitarist Nick DiPace to ask him what the scene means to him.

The Long Island music scene. To some, it’s going under. To others, it’s the best it’s ever been. To me, it’s a community. I’ve befriended so many talented musicians over the course of the past three years. I’ve also met a ton that had no interest in working together or making friends. That number has been dropping more and more, though, and I’m very happy to see it.

I generally try to make as many friends as possible and to help everyone as best as I can. I’m always helping out of state bands come to the island and helping others with whatever I can do for them. I’m starting to see more and more of that in other people too and I think it’s great.

As of lately, pop punk and metal/hardcore are the two popular genres around here. I’m not really into metal and hardcore as much as pop punk, so I don’t make it out to too many of those shows. My friends tell me that the local hardcore shows they go to are always crazy fun and filled with people. Throughout this article, I’m really just speaking in terms of the pop punk scene because that’s what I’m familiar with and where I put myself.

Back in 2014, my band Older Than Oceans drove down to Philadelphia for a weekend of shows and we got a good taste of a different scene. This show at The Barbary had three other bands on the bill – all touring. When we got there, we were worried, as we realized there were no locals playing. The show was still one of the most energetic shows we’ve ever played. People came out from all over the area to see the show. It’s hard for every single show on Long Island to be filled to capacity because, on any given day, there’s always so much going on. With that said, I see more and more people coming out to shows here than I did in 2014. Our scene is definitely strengthening.

Right now, Long Island has some of the greatest local bands ripping up the scene. I don’t always get around to every show, but the ones I’m able to go to are always high energy and fun. There’s always a great amount of people at them, regardless of what day of the week it is.

Don’t sleep on any of these bands:

  • The B-List
  • The Nightmare Police
  • Approaching Troy
  • In Loving Memory
  • Mint State
  • GoodLove
  • Shorebreak
  • The Cavalry Is Us
  • Nice Shot, Kid
  • All Out
  • Makeshift
  • Megaweapon
  • This Good Robot
  • Patent Pending
  • Giants At Large
  • Champ
  • When Eyes Collide
  • Above Skylight
  • Gutterlife
  • Count To Ten
  • Staleworth
  • My Sword And Shield
  • The Muckrakers
  • Minus The Love
  • Gone By Friday
  • My Kinda Fire
  • Table Talk
  • Macseal
  • Alumni

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