34 Seconds of Waving Flag Footage Makes 20-Somethings Cry for 20 Minutes

Just before 2 o’clock on Wednesday, July, 20th 2016, the band My Chemical Romance’s dormant Twitter account released a 34-second video of a flag waving in the wind. The flag had a black cross on it and was bathed in white light. The twitter page also showcased a similar cross with the letters M, C, R, and X in the quadrants.

*Warning: you may have to play it multiple times if you’re like me, and start bawling every time the music starts.

Shocked, former  (and current) emo-teens everywhere tweeted out notice of the sudden activity, and by 3pm, the video had been shared more than 39,000 times. It is currently pinned to the top of the band’s Twitter profile. 

At first, the video is confusing. But just when you think you’ve given up on it, there is soft, ominous piano music, keeping your attention to reveal a date, “9/23/16.” It’s almost a poetic metaphor for the band’s breakup. I was ready to move on from this idle flag, then suddenly the music started. Similarly, many had moved on from the split of this beloved band, but then suddenly they release this video. Now, we wait until September.

It is hard to say what My Chemical Romance are planning, but Daily Slice staffer Michael theorized the “X” is the Roman Numeral for 10, and they may be coming back for a 10-year anniversary tour of The Black Parade. Considering the hijinx of other 2000s emo pop-punk era icons, I wouldn’t be surprised. But that doesn’t make me any less excited.

No matter what they do, the hunt for the best waterproof eyeliner begins.

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