Song Premiere: Associations – “Amber of the Moment”

Today, we’re excited to debut  Associations’ song “Amber of the Moment” off his upcoming record!

Associations—otherwise known as Shane Conard of Eldersburg, MD—is releasing a 7″ titled Associations II on July 29th through Geneva Records. The album follows his debut self-titled EP, released in August of last year. You can stream the song below:


“Amber was a song I wasn’t even sure I was going to include on the record. After talking it through and working it out with Bryan Little in the studio though, he was ultimately the one who convinced me to track it and put it on the album, and I’m in love with the way it came. Overall, this is just a song about me taking a step back and realizing my place at my current age, and where I’m at, and being okay with it, or more specifically, being okay with myself. The title is a reference to a quote from a Vonnegut novel about time being trapped like a bug in amber, and referring to the present as being “trapped in the amber of this moment.” ~Shane Conard (Associations)

“Amber of the Moment” is the second song Conard has released off Associations II. Check out “Coyote,” which premiered at New Noise Magazine last month, here.

Preorders are available for 7″ vinyl and CD bundles of Associations II on through the Geneva Records merchandise store.

You can find Associations on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

You can find Geneva Records on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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