Warped Wednesday: Interview with Pat Kirch of The Maine

The Maine taught a 7-song crash course in the band’s history at this year’s Vans Warped Tour, performing songs from each of their albums from Can’t Stop Won’t Stop to their latest release, American Candy. Although the band are considered veterans of the tour this late in their career, they made their main stage debut this summer, performing for thousands of sun-soaked, energized fans each and every day.

The band’s drummer Pat Kirch took some time between meet and greets, preparing for the next day’s set, and some much-needed R&R to chat with The Daily Slice about the best pizza in Arizona, what this year’s Warped Tour has in store, their involvement with Hope For The Day, and their fans.

The Daily Slice: Could you introduce yourself with your name, what you do in the band, and the best place to get a slice of pizza in your hometown?

Pat Kirch: I am Pat Kirch, I play the drums in The Maine, and Venezia’s Pizza. The crust, that’s what I find makes the difference. I like a doughy crust. Not too, too thick. 

TDS: How’s Warped been so far? Since you’ve been on the tour before, is there anything unexpected about this year?

PK: It’s our first time on the main stage, so that’s been cool. But it’s about the same as always, which is a good thing. You always like to know what to expect and you know it’s going to be fun.

TDS: How is it playing the main stage?

PK: I think I had suspected that it wouldn’t be much different than playing on any other stage, there’s just more people out there.

TDS: You guys have had massive crowds out there all summer.

PK: Yeah, it’s insane.

TDS: How’d you pick your set list for the tour? You’ve got such a short amount of time on stage at Warped but we saw a little of every album.

PK: It’s so hard. We actually talked after the set today about changing it up for tomorrow, just because we’ve played the same one the whole tour so far. We know what goes over well and we know what we like to play, so it’s just finding that balance of that, and finding the balance of the new stuff and old stuff. You never know when people are hearing about your band.

TDS: It always amazes me how you guys can go from playing these small, low-key acoustic shows, or at more intimate venues, then come out and play Warped Tour and put on the same killer performance. What’s that like for you?

PK: Every show is different. We try to keep it as mixed as possible. We did a run of shows where we were playing our new album in full, and that’s not something we’d do out here to a big audience. That’s something that’s fun to do to an intimate crowd.

TDS: You’re out here on the road with all these bands, so if you were to unable to play a show for whatever reason, who would you trust to fill in for you?

PK: Jake Bundrick from Mayday Parade. We’ve toured with them so many times, I assume he has at least heard all our songs at least a couple times. And he’s a great drummer.

TDS: Which nonprofits are you guys partnering with this summer?

PK: We’ve worked with Hope For The Day a bunch. We’ve done collaboration shirts to raise money for their organization, and they spread awareness about suicide prevention. We’ve done tons of things with them throughout the years.

TDS: I know signings and meet and greets are something you guys spend hours doing every day. Why is that such an important part of your Warped Tour routine?

PK: It’s really great to see people who are really excited to be there, and that are just having a good time at Warped Tour, and the fact that they get to watch live music and get so excited. Seeing that every day reminds you why you’re doing this, and that’s why we’re out there doing it. These people that come are the reason we’re able to play, so the least we can do is give them a hug and thank them for coming.

TDS: Before we run out of time, what should we be looking out for from The Maine after Warped Tour ends?

PK: We’ll be writing and recording our next album. We’re really excited about that. We rented a house about an hour north of San Francisco and we’re going to go there and just record.

TDS: Anything you want to say to the fans?

PK: Thanks for being rad, and thanks for making it possible for us to be a band.

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