Warped Wednesday: Interview with Alex of Chelsea Grin

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Chelsea Grin set out on their third run on the Vans Warped Tour this summer. Earlier this month, the band released their latest album, Self-Inflicted via Rise Records while on the tour, and their massive main stage crowds are already singing along. We had the chance to catch up with lead vocalist Alex Koehler at the Mansfield, Massachusetts stop on the tour to discuss all things pizza and Warped Tour.

The Daily Slice: What’s the best place to get a slice of pizza in your hometown?

Alex Koehler: I think my favorite place to get a slice of pizza is…There’s a spot downtown and it is called the Pie Hole, and it’s just like a local spot. It’s open until, like 3am. So on the weekends that’s where everyone goes out when the bars close and they kick them out. It’s pretty cool, I like it. 

TDS: Is there anything unexpected about the tour this year?

I mean it’s kind of the same thing, you know what I mean? This is our third year, you know, we’re kind of used to the whole routine. But yesterday we actually did some charity work. I went out and helped rebuild a trail, and I’ve never done that before so that was cool.

TDS: Who else was out there with you?

AK: There was a bunch of other bands, we were just out in a forest out in Maryland so it’s pretty cool. I saw a frog and a snake. So it was cool.

TDS: Since you mentioned it’s your third year on the tour, have you had any newer bands on the tour ask for your advice or anything coming in?

AK: Not really so far. We’re kind of terrible, we like to stay on the bus because it’s nice and cool. We don’t like to be in the sun too much, so we’re kind of a bunch of hermits.

TDS: Is there anything you know you absolutely have to bring out on Warped with you?

AK: My favorite thing is this foot powder spray so my shoes don’t get gnarly. That’s an essential for me.

TDS: Could you tell me a bit about the music you guys just released in the last couple of weeks?

AK: Yeah it’s called Self-Inflicted. Put it out right at the beginning of this month. It’s pretty much along the lines of our older stuff, like our first record. So it’s really heavy, really aggressive, and it’s cool and you should check it out.

TDS: Are you playing anything off the new record on Warped?

AK: Yeah playing we’re playing three songs off the album.

TDS: How’s the response been to the new music so far?

AK: It’s really, really good. You know, everyone will always have that special place in their hearts for the older stuff. But the responses for for the new songs has been great. People know the words, they’re yelling it really loud every day. You can’t ask for anything better.

TDS: Is there anything different about releasing an album on the road on a tour like Warped compared to when you’re home or moving into an album release tour?

AK: You know, I mean it’s obviously better to release it on a tour so you can just promote the hell out of it. Especially on a tour like Warped Tour where there’s so many people it’s really awesome to get it out there, and it gets a lot of attention.

TDS: What’s next for you guys once Warped wraps up?

AK: We have one more tour before the year is over. It’s in the States, but I can’t talk about who it’s with yet, unfortunately. But it’s going to be awesome.

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