Surviving 2016: Our Favorite Albums This Year

Rarity – I Couldn’t Be Weakeri-couldnt-be-weaker

I found a lot of comfort in this album during the past year. I remember seeing Rarity play a few then-new songs about a year ago. I just listened, and was struck with this feeling that someone actually gets it. Someone actually knows what my struggle is like. That was when I knew this band would be so important to me. This past year, I was a lot more open and honest about possible mental health issues. It was scary but so freeing at the same time. I would listen to I Couldn’t Be Weaker while trying to calm down from a random breakdown. It was like someone putting a hand on my shoulder and letting me know I’m not alone in this, that they’ve been there, that it’s going to get better even when things seem dark. This album helped me realize that it’s okay not to be okay. That’s something I need to remember every day.-Jasminne

worryJeff Rosenstock – WORRY.

Released in October, WORRY. may just be the most poignant album of 2016. It’s full of lyrics about the terrors of capitalism, existential dread, and the joys of love and friendship. Jeff Rosenstock has a habit of writing genuine and uncomfortably relatable music and WORRY. is the epitome of that talent. Rosenstock pairs his playfully painful lyrics with an infectious sound that will have any listener dancing along, whether they came for the ska song, the hardcore song, or reasons they don’t entirely understand.This album saw us through the last few months of 2016, and I’m sure it will continue to help us moving forward. – Samlin

Descendents – Hypercaffium SpazzinateDescendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate

Californian punk legends return to Epitaph records for their first album in twelve years, and prove they have not lost a thing. With fast, melodic tracks accompanied with the trademark lyrical theme’s about being unlucky in love, what it means to be a man and also how they can no longer enjoy fat burger. All packaged in with the energy of Milo Aukerman. A long overdue second comeback album. – Ryan

death_of_a_bachelorPanic! At The Disco – Death Of A Bachelor

This is probably one of my favourite albums of all time, let alone just 2016. Having followed PATD for years, this album was a turning point for me. The variety in the songs is amazing, like a fresh breath of air into the genre. It was also the first for Urie to record completely on his own, which is an incredible thing to do and just makes the album all that much better! Seeing it live before 2016 was over was the icing on the cake! – Kennady

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