Direct Hit’s Domesplitter to see vinyl release

It is time for Direct Hit fans to get excited. Fat Wreck Chords are re-releasing Wisconsin pop-punkers debut full length Domesplitter, complete with brand new artwork. After repeated requests through emails, tags and comments, FAT have stepped up and are going to deliver what the people want.  

Originally released in 2011 from Kind of Like records, is the compilation of songs from Direct Hit’s first five E.P.s rerecorded and compiled together. Front-man Nick Woods states “The handful of people who knew and cared about our band at the time picked the tracklist out by voting on these slips of paper we mailed with SASEs before we’d even put out a real record. So really, this wasn’t even ‘original’ when it first came out, which makes it pretty fucking derivative now”. Derivative or not, this is pretty much a must have for pop punk record collectors.

He ends his statement with “after we signed up with FAT a lot of people started asking us if we’d ever put these tunes back on vinyl again. So that’s what we’re doing here. I still think a lot of these songs hold up. The rest make for great embarrassment fodder when we’re onstage. Show how cool you are by yelling “Living Dead” at us instead of “Free Bird.” We will never play it.”

Domesplitter will be available from April 14th.


Catch Direct Hit on one of their upcoming dates.

Tour Dates:
04/21/17 Green Bay, WI at Lyric Room w/ The Slow Death
04/22/17 Milwaukee, WI at Cactus Club  EARLY SHOW
04/22/17 Milwaukee, WI at Cactus Club Avenues, The Pukes
05/19/17 Toronto, ON Canada at Bovine Sex Club w/ Dragged In, Talk Show, Sixteen Scandals
05/20/17 Montreal, QC, Canada at Pouzza Fest

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