Punk Rock Hockey

It is fast and brutal, ice hockey is the perfect sport for punks.  So with that in mind and the  NHL playoffs underway, it is a good time to take a look into that relationship between punk rock and the sport. So here are five of our favourite punk rock hockey songs.

Time to Go – Dropkick Murphys

Is there a band more proud of their home town? With that home town pride, comes a ferocious love for their home sports teams. The Dropkick Murphys are well known for their association with Boston sports teams, largely their song Tessie which some consider to have helped break the Red Sox’s Curse of the Bambino. But equal love is shown to their dear Boston Bruins with Time to Go with this “Old Time Hockey” anthem. Celebrating the fights as much as the team. If you are a Bruins fan, this should be your anthem for the next few weeks.

“Old-time hockey, bar the door
Clear the track it’s all-out war
Light the lamp, throw a hit
Black and gold never quit”


I Wanna Be a New York Ranger – Misfits

A band from New Jersey celebrating a New York team. Welcome to the twisted, upside down world occupied by the Misfits. Whilst this track is lyrically nothing particularly clever… or even good for that matter, it still has a beefy riff which helps it definitely be considered as a good fight song for the Rangers. And considering the injuries associated with hockey, maybe the fewer words to remember the better.

“I wanna be a New York Ranger
I wanna live the life of danger”

Propagandhi – Dear Coaches Corner

Though far from a fight song. Manitoba’s punk rock activists Propagandhi open a discussion of overt patriotism being forced on hockey spectators. Specifically front-man Chris Hannah taking his niece out of a game after soldiers rappelled from the ceiling. He does this in the form of an open letter to Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean that screams love for the sport, helped along with riffs as fast as the game itself.

“We may not be the same
But it’s not like we’re from different planets
We both love this game so much we can hardly fucking stand it
Alberta-born and Prairie-raised
Ain’t a sheet of ice north of Fargo I ain’t played”


I Feel Like Gerry Cheevers – Chixdiggit

Another Boston Bruins centric song, this time from Alberta, Canada punks Chixdiggit. A high tempo pop-punk song bringing together hockey and a broken heart, through the medium of relating them both to Gerry Cheevers’ iconic stitch mask. With the Stanley Cup so soon, a lot of us are inevitably bound for heartbreak, so maybe save this one for after the final.

“saw a picture yesterday of a guy who used to play for the Boston Bruins and in school I always drew him he wore a mask just like my heart he had stitch marks on every part”

The Hanson Brothers – My Game

No, not the three brothers from Slap Shot, but the Canadian ex-Ramones cover band. After deciding to write their own Ramones songs, you get the perfect glimpse into a world where the Ramones met in British Columbia instead of New York and sang about hockey instead of sniffing glue.  An ode to the days of the enforcers. Or perhaps just constant fouls.

“No fancy schmancy pants and
No dipsy doodle dancing
It’s hockey a la Hanson!”

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