Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer released

The first teaser trailer for the eighth film in the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi has been unveiled at the annual Star Wars Celebration. Just over 2 minutes long and raises more than its fair share of questions and eyebrow raises. Before you read on, we recommend watching the trailer posted at the bottom. Don’t want to spoil this one for you.

All we know for sure is that Luke Skywalker is training Rey on the island, and is even in possession of paper Jedi documents. Paper wasn’t even in the Jedi archives in the prequel trilogy, so not only is she being trained, but through ancient teachings. We can now know we haven’t seen the last of Captain Phasma, after she was seemingly thrown in a trash compacter on Starkiller Base. This alone is extremely promising, seeing as many feel she was criminally underused in the first part of this trilogy.

It seems probable that Kylo Ren’s internal conflict is strong, or he is in for an intense battle after his mask lies on the floor destroyed. We also get a glimpse at Finn still not conscious after his encounter with Ren on Starkiller Base at the climax of the previous film, this combined with Rey being trained on the island would lead us to believe this film will take place immediately after the prior.

Like last winter’s Rogue One. Everyone’s favourite imperial vehicles are making another appearance. A high number of AT-ATs are visible for just a moment. However, no look at General Snoke, so for now we will have to keep speculating as to his role in this series of events.

The big moment though, is right at the end. The silhouette of Luke stands at a cave mouth uttering “I only know one truth… It’s time for the Jedi, to end”. We can only assume this is Luke feeling guilty about what happened with Kylo Ren, thus went into hiding to end the Jedi, and is therefore hesitant about training Rey.

But for now, all we know for certain are two things. One, there are going to be so many battles and that the film is hitting cinemas this December. Now is the time to start getting truly excited.

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