Album Review: Tricot – 3

Tricot are an all-girl Japanese mathrock band hailing from Kyoto, who have started making some serious waves over this side of the world. Having recently signed to UK label, Big Scary Monsters ahead of the release of their third full length, entitled ‘3’ set for a 19th of May release.

The trio released their debut single from the album, DeDeDe a week ago. Which though does show off the intricacy and melody the band are known for, it does not feature the chaotic high tempo that has been featured on past albums. However, that is far from missing from this release. From the opening track, ‘Tokyo Vampire Hotel’, it’s a rapid lead in with the drums before launching into those hard hitting yet highly tuneful vocals and complex guitar riffs.

This release, like all others continues to be sung entirely in their native language, and with the level of detail and care taken when crafting these songs together, it is a perfect fit. With a language, as lyrical and complex as Japanese, it is a perfect complement to the elaborate instrumentation. Everything then tied together under Ikumi “Ikkyu” Nakajima’s naturally expressive vocals. A fantastic example of this can be found on the song ‘Pork Ginger’. With staccato guitars and tempo changes, it is Nakajima’s voice that really carries the melody through the track and keeps it from feeling all over the place.

That being said, the track ‘Namu’ being effectively an instrumental, really demonstrates how tight Tricot are as a band. it leaves the instrumentation out in the open and that is where it is easiest to appreciate the attention paid to these tracks, especially the seamless switching of time signatures.

‘3’ is chaotic melody from start to finish. Mixing it up between furious guitars and growling bass to that of a more relaxed post-punk, occasionally even in the same song. This is not an album that will become tired easily, with deeply textured songs it is a highly interesting listening experience.

Rating: 7.5 Slices out of 8
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2 thoughts on “Album Review: Tricot – 3”

  1. Makes me super hyped for the album, dude! Great review. How’d you get the album so early? May 19 can’t come any sooner!

  2. One of the best things about Tricot is how they grow with each successive EP or LP. Bakuretsu Tricot San almost seemed like a jam session, and T H E felt similarly loose even as the songs became more substantial. While I thought A N D was a weaker album overall–perhaps a setback from dropping their drummer–the composition was tighter and there seemed to be a lot more intent behind all the odd time signatures and chord progressions, rather than just doing those things for the sake of weirdness. That trend seems to have continued with Kabuku EP and this album, which in my opinion are Tricot’s best efforts to date. I’m hooked.

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