Looking Back: Our Favorite Albums of 2017

2017 was…a year. It was a year of challenges and, at times, particularly difficult news to swallow for many of us in our music communities. However, we banded together and found hope through all the adversity we faced. Music is the backdrop to these defining moments each year. Check out some of our staff picks for album of the year below.

Spin – Tiger’s Jaw
“This might be my favorite Tiger’s Jaw release yet. Brianna has come more front-and-center this time around, recording the first song she’s written for the band, ‘June,’ which might be the best song off the album, if I’m being entirely honest. This album struck the perfect balance of call-backs to their older styles, while still signaling a noticeable progression in the band’s growth. Don’t sleep on this album, or this band. You’re missing out if you haven’t downloaded a copy yet. -Tori 

Turn Out The Lights – Julien Baker
“My pick for album of the year is Julien Baker’s painful and aware release “Turn Out the Lights”. With sharply penned lyrics and echoing vocals dripping with honest desperation, Baker crafts an empathetic confessional with just enough hope to keep us hanging on.” -Alanna

Runner Up: After Laughter – Paramore
“On the opposite side of the spectrum, a very close runner up is Paramore’s fantastic, pop-fueled “After Laughter”. Featuring a new wave inspired sound and ever incisive wit, the album soars, a clear but confident departure from the band’s previous releases.” -Alanna

Wonderful Wonderful – The Killers
“Wonderful Wonderful by The Killers is the most under-appreciated album of the year. A rock album with guest work from Dire Straits’ lead guitarist, it’s a great work about life, love, and growing up.” -Adam

After The Party – The Menzingers
“This summer, I made my way to Asbury Park anticipating to listen to The Bouncing Souls play the summer stage from the beach. Before they were up, I heard The Menzingers play ‘Thick as Thieves’ and fell in love. It was a big summer of growth for me and the album has a lot to do with the highs and lows of growing up and dealing with nostalgia, so it’s something I immediately latched on to. “After The Party” (as well as the Souls’ Summer Vacation album) was the anthem of my summer and I haven’t stopped listening since that day in Asbury.” -Melissa

Tied: The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely, Paramore – After Laughter
“Yep, I cannot decide between these two albums. Paramore put out this painfully honest ode to dealing with the fact that life is damn hard, and basically you just gotta deal with it, while The Maine put out this album that makes you feel all types of feels like love, loss, and nostalgia. To me, it seems pretty obvious as to why I can’t decide between the two.” -Samantha

What were your favorite album(s) this year? Share with us in the comments, or on Twitter by tweeting @dailyslicemag. Happy New Year from all of us at The Daily Slice!

One thought on “Looking Back: Our Favorite Albums of 2017”

  1. I really did love After Laughter. It was such a well crafted album, especially lyrically.

    My favorite album of the year? Can I say Melodrama by Lorde? You’ve probably heard that 490 times by now, but it’s just so relatable!

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