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Asa is a cinematography major at Emerson College in Boston, but is originally from Windham, ME. In addition to being a pop punk and hardcore enthusiast, he rides and films BMX, takes artsy vintage photography, and plays with really expensive film equipment. He's responsible for some of the graphics on The Daily Slice, occasionally acts as Tori's cameraman, and writes reviews of the best up-and-coming pop punk and hardcore acts in the scene today. If you're a band/musician in the Boston, MA or Portland, ME areas looking to shoot an inexpensive music video, shoot Asa an email!

EP Review: Four Year Strong – Go Down in History

The iconic 4-piece easy-core band, Four Year Strong is back with their new EP, Go Down in History. After Four Year Strong released In Some Way, Shape or Form in 2011, without their keyboardist Josh Lyford, it seemed like they had lost their fun element. Almost three years later, Go Down in History brings Four Year Strong back to it’s roots and highlights exactly what they were originally all about: back-and-forth vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and just having a good time.

The EP opens with “What’s in the Box” and right off the bat you can tell that Four Year Strong is back and better than ever. When the rhythm changes after the line, “… But still I wear all my scars with pride,” you can’t help but nod your head. The song ends with a classic Four Year Strong break down, led in by a cascading drumbeat and quiet backing vocals to yelling with the squeal of a guitar.

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Album Review: The Story So Far – Songs Of

thestorysofar_songsofThe Walnut Creek pop punk band The Story So Far are well known for their heavy pop punk sound. They first showed us that they’re capable of much more than that with their song “Clairvoyant,” off their split with Stick To Your Guns. The Story So Far’s newly released 5-song acoustic EP Songs Of only furthers the notion that The Story So Far is more than just an ordinary pop punk band. Continue reading Album Review: The Story So Far – Songs Of