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Asa is a cinematography major at Emerson College in Boston, but is originally from Windham, ME. In addition to being a pop punk and hardcore enthusiast, he rides and films BMX, takes artsy vintage photography, and plays with really expensive film equipment. He's responsible for some of the graphics on The Daily Slice, occasionally acts as Tori's cameraman, and writes reviews of the best up-and-coming pop punk and hardcore acts in the scene today. If you're a band/musician in the Boston, MA or Portland, ME areas looking to shoot an inexpensive music video, shoot Asa an email!

Interview with Flannel Mouth

The rustic regions of the Tallgrass Prairies hold a myriad of veiled gems, and budding with roots along the Illinois River is Flannel Mouth, a four-piece rock ensemble with high aims in sight. Hailing from Glasford, a town only a thousand strong, Flannel Mouth has emerged as a vengeful small town boy with big city dreams, evidenced by their debut release, “Pull in Your Horns,” via SwitchBitch Records. The band released single, “Oh, Bastard” back in November 2013 and now have added a lyric video to their repertoire.

The Daily Slice had the chance to catch up with two members of Flannel Mouth, Luke and Zach, to discuss the band’s origins, “Oh, Bastard,” new music, future plans for the band, and more. Check it out below!

First introduce your self/selves and your role/roles in the band and your biggest musical influences.
Luke: I’m Luke I sing and play guitar. My biggest influences at the moment in time would probably be old gospel river otters and rock and roll xylophonists…It’s hard to really put a finger on what I like, but I like it, that’s for sure.
Zach: I’m Zach and I play guitar n’ stuff n’ sometimes sing. I would say most of my influence is in older music, jazz n’ such, and the something n’ such of today’s bands. Such as Mars Volta, Nucleus, Zappa, Cursive, Bright Eyes n’ all that jazz. Continue reading Interview with Flannel Mouth

EP Review: Neck Deep / Knuckle Puck – Tour Split

Neck Deep just wrapped up their UK tour and are now teaming up with Knuckle Puck and Light Years for their first US tour starting February 28th. Bad Timing and Hopeless Records came together this month to release a tour split featuring 2 tracks by Neck Deep and 2 tracks by Knuckle Puck.

itemNeck Deep is a 5-piece pop punk band from Wrexham, UK who decided to feature songs on the split off their debut LP, Wishful Thinking. They open the split with “Crushing Greif (No Remedy),” which was the first teaser track they streamed back in October before their album’s release. This is a stereotypical Neck Deep track with fast and heavy guitar, drums, and vocals. But this song seems old now because how much they have used it already to promote Wishful Thinking. It would have been nice to see a different track from the album featured on this split, considering how every song on the album was just as strong, like “Staircase Wit” or “Losing Teeth.” “Crushing Grief” is still a great song but it has been slightly overused. Continue reading EP Review: Neck Deep / Knuckle Puck – Tour Split