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University student at Huddersfield. Most likely could be classed as being addicted to cats, or anything cute and fluffy. You'll probably find me hovering about at the back of most gigs in Leeds!

Live Review: Patent Pending at Leeds University Union 24/11

Way before the bands even start, Leeds University Union was absolutely buzzing for the start of the Zebrahead and Patent Pending gig preparing to take place there that night. It’s usually pretty easy to get lost in the Union itself, but tonight there was no mistaking the booming music coming from within the building.

Walking into the room, there’s a merch table to the immediate left, which tonnes of people are crowding around, not making a dint however, on the pure mass of people already forming around the stage. As the lights were dimmed, everyone immediately went towards that area, filling it to the brim ready for the support act. Through this act, however, I was in a separate room speaking to Patent Pending lead singer Joe Ragosta.  Continue reading Live Review: Patent Pending at Leeds University Union 24/11

Album Review: Panic! At The Disco: Death Of A Bachelor

The latest edition to Panic! At The Disco’s discography, and fifth overall release, ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ is nothing short of genius. The eclectic mix of genres, melodies and beats is something you wouldn’t typically come to expect in one album, but in this circumstance it just works. A follow up from the 2013 album ‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!’, the proverbial last man standing of the original line-up, lead singer Brendon Urie, has once more taken Panic! in his own direction, mixing a Vegas-esque tone with music you’d expect on stage musicals. Continue reading Album Review: Panic! At The Disco: Death Of A Bachelor

Can A Series Go On For Too Long?

I feel as though ‘have we dragged this on too long’ is a question that every TV writer, or film writer, has asked themselves at one point throughout a series, only some seem to get it wrong. When you start watching a series, whether it be a new TV series, or a series of films new or a remake, you always expect the end of that series to end with a bang.

From the minute you start watching it, from that very first minute you begin to think about how it might end, you think about your favourite characters, what might happen to them, where they might end up and you constantly wish your dream of it will come true. And in some circumstances that does happen, even if it isn’t the ending you want it’s something so brilliant you often don’t even care. But, sometimes, just sometimes, that doesn’t happen. And the ending is so shocking you wonder why they didn’t think to end it before or what in their minds made them think it was a good plan!  Continue reading Can A Series Go On For Too Long?

Live Review: The Hoosiers @ Leeds University Union (29/10/15)

Walking into the Union, it’s incredibly easy to get lost. In fact, it took us about 20 minutes to actually find the room where the gig was taking place, but as soon as you walked in it was clear that the atmosphere was buzzing and rearing to go. As the band stepped on stage, the audience, although not that big, went wild. Prepping their instruments the lads were ready to go, apart from the drummer who, thanks to lead singer Irwin Sparkes, held quite a comedic 30 second delay.

Opening with the first track ‘Pristine’ from their new album ‘The Secret Service’ you couldn’t even tell that this was towards the end of their tour, their stamina was through the roof, and so was the fans.  Moving onto a classic track from their first album ‘Worried About Ray’ all the old fans were in their element, and clearly the band were loving being able to play these old tracks to an audience who were still interested, still knew them and had followed the lads from the start. Flying through tracks ‘ Somewhere In The Distance’, ‘ Run Rabbit Run’,  ‘ The Secret Of Happiness’ and possibly, in my opinion, their best track ‘ Cops And Robbers’  it came to the end of the first part of three with their closing song, the bouncy, upbeat and incredibly catchy ‘The Wheels Fell Off The Bus’.  Continue reading Live Review: The Hoosiers @ Leeds University Union (29/10/15)

EP Review: Patent Pending – Armageddon

11836657_10153017870960770_5084134636044880012_nIt’s only been two years since New York pop punkers Patent Pending released their hit album ‘Brighter’ but they’re already pumping out more amazing tracks. Their latest EP (which is their twelfth EP release from date) ‘Armageddon’ gives fans four brand new tracks as well as title track ‘Brighter’ from their previous album. Continue reading EP Review: Patent Pending – Armageddon