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Jasminne is a 25 year old from New York. She has a fondness for corgis and green tea. She loves carnival food and writing. Jasminne can most often be found in the NYC/Long Island metro area, usually eating chicken nuggets.

Hit The Lights launch pre-orders, release new song

Hit The Lights will be releasing a new album, Summer Bones, on March 24, 2015 through Pure Noise Records.

Pre-orders, as well as a new song ‘Fucked Up Kids’, can be found on MerchNow right now.

Track listing –

1. Fucked Up Kids
2. The Real
3. Life on the Bottom
4. Revolutions and Executions
5. No Filter
6. Blasphemy, Myself and I
7. Summer Bones
8. Keep Your Head
9. Sitter
10. Old Friend

Front Porch Step Takes A Pause on Touring

Due to recent allegations against Jake McElfresh, Front Porch Step will not be touring for an extended amount of time. He posted a statement on his Facebook page:

As I posted 3 days ago, I am taking the appropriate time to assess these very serious allegations against me and I am not taking them lightly. Until I can do that in a complete manner with all the information I have at my disposal, I will not be continuing with any current touring activities for the time being.

Have Mercy and Head North, who were scheduled to be touring with Front Porch Step have also released statements on the issue which can be read  below.

Have Mercy:

We have been receiving your emails, tweets, and posts regarding us not responding to the allegations brought upon Front Porch Step. While we have been planning to disassociate ourselves from FPS for several days, we have been working very hard behind the scenes to book our own tour so we are not left stranded for the spring.

We, Have Mercy, in no way condone the alleged actions that have come to light over the past week, and hope that message above all is clear to our fans. Safety in music, and life, should never be risked for selfish decisions. We were incredibly excited at the opportunity to hit the road this spring, and that is still our top priority.

Over the coming weeks, we hope to have news about a new tour with Head North and other trusted friends.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Head North:

We are sorry to have remained silent about this issue for so long. We do not in anyway condone the situation at hand with Front Porch Step regarding the recent allegations that presented themselves this past week.

The whole situation is incredibly upsetting and our thoughts go to anyone at all affected by this. We are very sorry to anyone planning on coming to a show, but have been working on an alternative plan to make sure we can still come to towns this spring with new music in hand.

We will post more information about that as it becomes available.

Album Review: Forever Came Calling – What Matters Most

forever came calling what matters mostI want to scream about how underrated Forever Came Calling is from the rooftops. The California-based pop punk band’s debut album, Contender, is an album I’ve grown to cherish since it came out in 2012. The music and lyrics of each song, as well as the album as a whole, stood out in a genre full of so much talent. When the band announced they would be releasing their new album, What Matters Most, on October 21st, 2014 through Pure Noise Records, it easily became my most anticipated fall release.

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Mixtape Monday for the week of 8/25

This whole playlist is a result of trying to figure out who was the female vocalist on This Wild Life’s song ‘Better With You.’ Everything you need to know about this playlist is in the title, which is ‘Player [    ] has entered the game.’ Nothing wrong with bringing in a guest vocalist or maybe seven for a certain idea turn into reality.


Interivew with Matthew of Call The Station

734109_476731052436515_2105964650_nI’d been hearing some buzz about Call The Station for quite some time. Their current line up consists of Florio, lead vocalist Anthony Wall, guitarist Mauricio Rincon and bassist Eran Abraham, and after having heard of some members from their previous bands, I decided to reach out to their guitarist/vocalist Matthew Florio to get a closer look at the band, where they’re from, where they’re going, and their debut album Signals.

Where Is Call The Station based out of?
We are from Long Island, NY.

Where did the name Call The Station come from?
Our singer Anthony came up with it while we were recording. We had a bunch of bad names, and this just seemed to fit the best.

How long have you guys been playing together?
Anthony, Mauricio, and Eran met at college a few years ago. They started playing shows with their previous band until I met Mauricio in 2011.  We started writing and playing together more and went through a few lineup changes.
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