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TV Review: “Iron Fist”

Warning: Spoilers below.

Since the dawn of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there have been a great number of films in the action genre released with actual substance and character development.  This year’s Logan marked the pinnacle of that perfect blend of action and acting.  Of course, there have also been a few miscues on the part of MCU, mainly X-Men 3: The Last Stand and, on television, Luke Cage, which are still enjoyable, but markedly less well-made.  Marvel’s most recent release, Iron Fist, manages to hit that rare middle target of a Marvel production: great character development with more than OK acting (especially from Jessica Henwick) and writing, but a near-complete failure to deliver the action, in both choreography and editing, to which the MCU fan-base has become so accustomed.

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Film Review: “Logan”

This is what it feels like to say farewell to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine: It sucks.  It is beyond painful to say goodbye to the actor/role pairing I grew up watching.  Since 2000’s X-Men, when we first met Logan, Jackman, who had only been in two films up to that point, has been a key figure in Marvel films.  Now, 17 years later, Logan shows us just how far both Wolverine has come from his glory days and Jackman has come from his youth.  And let me tell you, the destination has been well worth the ride.  Continue reading Film Review: “Logan”

TV Review: “Travelers” on Netflix

I don’t usually write reviews of television shows.  I try to stick to film and sports because even though I watch more TV than most, I find it difficult to put into words why I like certain shows.  Recently, however, I watched a show that is forcing me to break this trend.  I thought it was so great and loved it so much that the only thing I hyped up more to my friends was the film Arrival.  So, dearest readers, I present to you the Netflix series, Travelers.  (NOTE: there are some spoilers throughout, but none are major plot points or shocking revelations to the show.)

Before I dive in to the show itself, here are the basics you need to know about this show and this past year in television at large: NBC’s Timeless, a show about three people hired by a corporation to go back in time and save history from a time-traveling terrorist, led a rebirth in the genre for major networks.  Since the debut of Timeless in the fall of 2016, ABC and FOX have announced shows based on the same cornerstone subject: time travel.  By the same token, Netflix, in cooperation with Showcase, a Canadian channel, released its own twist on the genre in October, only weeks after TimelessContinue reading TV Review: “Travelers” on Netflix

Film Review: “Arrival”

For many people, it is impossible to sit patiently and wait for the release of the next Marvel or Star Wars film.  For me, however, Arrival is *that* movie I’ve been patiently waiting for.  Starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker, if you liked Interstellar, then this is the movie for you.  If you wish that Independence Day and Independence Day: Resurgence (primarily the latter) had more logic and finesse behind its production and more skill in its writing and acting, Arrival is what you need to see.  Continue reading Film Review: “Arrival”

“It has to be the sheer love of expression” | An Interview with Marko Saaresto

potf43_origPoets of the Fall is, without a doubt, one of the most underrated bands of our time.  After making music for 13 years–and becoming one of my personal favorites along the way–Poets of the Fall just released their seventh studio album, Clearview on Spotify and iTunes.

As the band prepares to head out on tour in Russia this month, I had a chance to ask lead singer Marko Saaresto a few questions. Check them out below, and also on Art On The Edge.

Adam McPartlan:  Of your extensive catalog, do you have a favorite song, or a song that you think is the band’s best?

Marko Saaresto: The favourites seem to change depending on moods, seasons, what’s new, what we’ve “played too much” etc. But we think every song is unique in its own way and deserves it’s place in our repertoire, so for us, being the authors, if you will, no one song is somehow ultimately better than the others, just maybe better suited for a certain occasion or mood.  Continue reading “It has to be the sheer love of expression” | An Interview with Marko Saaresto