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Into It. Over It. Robbed in Chicago; Offering 15% off Merch to Recoup

Last night, Into It. Over It. had their van broken into and had gear stolen. The band is offering a 15% discount off all merchandise until tomorrow night. Just enter the discount code “BASSINYOURFACE” when ordering from their store and your money will go towards a good cause!

into it over it bass
“THE HITS JUST KEEP ON FUCKING COMIN if anyone in chicago sees a black 1980’s american fender p bass plus anywhere… please let me know”

Interview with Lydia

I got to catch up with Lydia on their Illuminate tour, where they played the entire album front to back. The band was on the road with HRVRD and Golden Sun from February 27 through April 5, spanning across the entire United States. I had the chance to sit down with Matt, Justin, and Leighton at the New York City stop on the tour on March 21 at the Highline Ballroom. Check it out below!

First off, can you please tell us who you are and what you do in the band?
Matt: My name’s Matt, I play piano in Lydia.
Justin: I’m Justin, I play guitar.
Leighton: I’m Leighton and I sing.

You’re suddenly transported to a futuristic universe where music can be converted into pizza. What kind of pizza would Lydia’s music be?Justin: Supreme.
Leighton: You’re going all out with that one. (laughs)
Matt: Maybe vegetarian supreme. Continue reading Interview with Lydia

Interview with Clas!ck

936624_499680333420922_271992053_nLast week I caught up my good friend CP from the Windsor, CT hip hop duo, Clas!ck! Check it out below.

Please tell us your name and what you do in the band.
I’m CP, and I’m one half of ClaS!cK. I rap, sing and write all the lyrics to the songs.

Are you a pizza fan? If so, what’s your favorite thing about pizza?
I am indeed a pizza fan, there’s never a week I don’t have a slice. Pizza is so practical. its literally a perfect meal. Plus you can change it however you want, toppings, sauce types, even down to the crust. Long story short I fuck with pizza. Continue reading Interview with Clas!ck

Interview with Jonathan McMaster of Stickup Kid

1477587_10152110684001796_378999245_nSan Jose, CA rock band Stickup Kid has been making waves for the past few years, and this year seems it will be no different. Last week I had the chance to catch up with their bassist, Jon, and we discussed pizza philosophy, musical changes in their new album Future Fire, and the band’s future plans, among other stuff that you can only find out if you read this interview. So you can totally do that by reading below!

Can you first tell me your name, what you do in the band, and your favorite pizza topping?
My name is Jonathan McMaster and I play bass in the band. I’m not going to pick just one, that’s for kid’s parties. I like an olive oil based pie topped with tomato, spinach, and feta cheese. At our local spot (where our guitar player works) that’s called “the greek.” Continue reading Interview with Jonathan McMaster of Stickup Kid

Album Review: Tonight Alive – The Other Side

Tonight-Alive-‘The-Other-Side’-Cover-ArtworkOne thing that draws so many people to music is the connection they feel with it. This type of connection is unlike any other; it’s something that is hard to put into words and one that must be experienced to truly understand. The reasoning for someone’s personal link to a certain album, song, artist, or style of music could be based upon the time at which they heard the soft strum of that guitar, those unforgettable soaring vocals, or that one line that really resonated with some of their most important life experiences. Every music fan has a moment like this, and it is every song’s goal to provide someone, somewhere with that moment.

There are several albums that have sparked this type of moment for me. Each one came at a pivotal point in my life and represents that time in my mind. Tonight Alive’s new record, The Other Side, is my newest addition to that list. Continue reading Album Review: Tonight Alive – The Other Side