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Parin is a junior at San Jose State University trying to manage more than one thing at a time but she wouldn't want it any other way. She loves eating brunch, hanging out with friends, and traveling. She's listening to some sort of pop/punk/rock/indie mesh whenever she can and in her free time, whenever that may be, she is most likely to be at a concert having the time of her life.

Album Review: More Then Skies S/T Double LP

When you look up the band “More Than Skies,” you’ll find that they are described as “Angsty Folk-Rock.” This might seem strange, but after listening to this band’s self- titled album, More Than Skies, I can say their genre description is perfect. Adam James, the singer and songwriter of this self-titled Double LP puts a little bit of everything into this LP, and that should be applauded.

The first song on the album, “Careful the Balloons Don’t Slip Through Your Fingers” starts slow and gains momentum throughout the song. This becomes a pattern over the course of the next few songs. A personal favorite “I’m a Gentleman at Heart, But I Eat Sheep Alive,” especially since the instrumentals of the song have a catchy pattern and the lyrics have impact.

A lot of the songs on this album are very sad, evoking that angsty feeling. “Fever Dream,” “I Still Feel Everything,” and “As Soon as You Come Back” are a few examples of this for their energetic beats but down-to-earth lyrics. The energy of these songs could easily distract someone from their honesty, unless they listened closely to their lyrics.

The rest of the record integrates rock and indie styles which work just as well, while still maintaining lyrics that resonate. It would have been easy to appreciate this album without even understanding the meaning behind each song, but the lyrical diversity of each song  makes it even more impressive.

Subjects range from why people change and how to move, failed relationships, realizing memories and life lessons, and giving life another chance. This album has a song for just about anything you’re going through.

Although, 24 songs was a lot, the different rhythms make this album an easy listen. Every aspect of every song was so different that playing this album all the way through was an easy listen. It is clear how much effort went into making this album, and each song told a unique story. The long song titles, singing about life and relationships, and the instrumentals make this album sound like a mesh of Brand New, the 1975, and Real Friends.

Rating: 6 slices out of 8

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Already Broke Your New Year’s Resolution?

We’re a little over a week into 2015 and by now, many of us have already abandoned our resolutions. So why do many of us make resolutions only to break them? Personally, I think it’s because we are making a resolution based on other people. “Working out because xxx thinks I should get in shape,” “get great grades to make my guardians happy,” and “get out and adventure more because my friends think I’m boring.”

However, there are many people that are able to stick to their resolutions. They work out because they wanted to, made the honor roll because they wanted to learn, and traveled to a new place because they wanted an adventure. Make 2015 a year about YOU. Doing what makes YOU happy, and that’s all a resolution should be.  Continue reading Already Broke Your New Year’s Resolution?

Parin’s Favorite Albums of 2014

We’re a few days into 2015 and there were a few albums that made a huge appearance in 2014. 2014 was the most stressful year for me. With the end of my junior year and the start of my senior, it was hard to stay up to date with new music. I started listening to many songs on the radio, something I usually try to avoid. Spotify became my best friend this year. Through Spotify, I found four albums that made my 2014:

In Technicolor by Jesse McCartney

Favorite Track: “Back Together”

No Interruptions by Hoodie Allen

Favorite Track: “Won’t Mind” feat. MAX

X By Ed Sheeran

Favorite Track: “Photograph”

In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith.

Favorite Track: “Not in That Way”

I know that seeing these albums in the same list seems weird but 2014 was a year of listening to many types of artists, some I never thought to listen to. I couldn’t pick a favorite album because I haven’t actually had that time to sit down, listen, and understand the songs on each album. These four albums brought back my childhood, helped me through late night study sessions, and were put together beautifully. I recommend these albums to anyone that wants to start listening to different kinds of genres in the new year, I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with at least one of these.

Mixtape Monday for the week of 9/8/14

With summer coming to an end and many of us heading back to school, I felt that it would be best to end summer 2014 with some of my favorite songs that remind me of the season. This playlist is bound to have at least one of your favorite songs old or new. Enjoy, and to those of you returning to classes soon, have a great school year!