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Parin is a junior at San Jose State University trying to manage more than one thing at a time but she wouldn't want it any other way. She loves eating brunch, hanging out with friends, and traveling. She's listening to some sort of pop/punk/rock/indie mesh whenever she can and in her free time, whenever that may be, she is most likely to be at a concert having the time of her life.

Interview with Dave Grelle of The Feed

I caught up with St. Louis band, The Feed’s front band Dave Grelle and asked him about the band’s newest album.

Parin: So let’s start this off with what is your name, what do you do, and your favorite type of pizza?
Dave: My name is  Dave Grelle, I play music, I sing and play keys for the band the feed and my favorite kind of pizza has gotta be pepperoni  portobello green pepper.

P: Who else is in the band and what instruments do they play?
D: We’ve got Kevin Bowers as our drummer, Ben Reece is our bassist and sax player, does a little both, and Jordan Heimburger is our guitarist.

P: What type of genre do you consider your band to be?
D: Well I think it’s for the most part high energy rock and roll. We do a lot of genre jumping, I think you can hear bits of soul, punk, some classic rock stuff, a little bit of rock, we jump around a bit.

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Interview with James Colla of Fourth & Coast

I caught up with James Colla, one half of Fourth & Coast, to discuss everything new and exciting for the band. Check it out below!

For those that don’t know, introduce yourself and what you do in the band.
James here! I play guitar in Fourth & Coast.

 Here at the Daily Slice, we love pizza, so what is your favorite type of pizza?
Pizza is my jam. Oh man it’s either pepperoni and garlic or barbecue chicken.  Continue reading Interview with James Colla of Fourth & Coast

EP Review: Bright Light Bright Light- I Wish We Were Leaving

1653637_10152676589184418_1235932410_nLondon-based Rod Thomas, also known as Bright Light Bright Light, recently released a five-track EP, I Wish We Were Leaving. With three songs, two remixes, and a feature by the extraordinary Elton John, I was very excited to review this EP.

The first track, “I Wish We Were Leaving,” features Elton John and is such a beautiful, strong song. It is the type of song that gives you courage to move on. What I got from the song is that even when you no longer mean something to someone, there will always be someone else that you will be good for. It was definitely the best track to start the EP with. Continue reading EP Review: Bright Light Bright Light- I Wish We Were Leaving