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Parin is a junior at San Jose State University trying to manage more than one thing at a time but she wouldn't want it any other way. She loves eating brunch, hanging out with friends, and traveling. She's listening to some sort of pop/punk/rock/indie mesh whenever she can and in her free time, whenever that may be, she is most likely to be at a concert having the time of her life.

EP Review: Homage – Insignificant

528928_329370457174283_872371780_nMy favorite part about this job is that I get to listen to tons of bands and artists that I’ve never heard of and discover some new music. This time around, I was blown away by Toronto-based band, Homage, who have just released an EP titled Insignificant that’s perfect for fans of  pop- punk/metalcore music.  

The first song, “Groundwork,” is very raw and personal and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The next song, “Albeit,” brings the same thing; it’s very strong and the vocals and lyrics play with your emotions, like with lyrics “A life built on expectation/ nothing relies on chance/ I’ve been confined by these walls of glass/ told to accept mediocrity/ firmly built but just as fragile/ lined with blind faith and fate, then what to be made of ourselves.” All of these songs are so honest and emotional. Continue reading EP Review: Homage – Insignificant

EP Review: The Maine- Imaginary Numbers

ImaginaryNumbersWith The Maine, you never really know what to expect with their next album. Each album they have written has a story of its own, so well written that it makes you fall in love with them all over again. This EP was no different. When The Maine released an acoustic EP Imaginary Numbers, I had no idea what to expect. The first song on the EP, “Raining in Paris,” automatically puts you in a tranquil mood. You are able to feel at ease, comfortable, and relaxed; and that does not change though the album. Each song is beautifully written and some very dark and sad. With the next song on the EP, “Room with no Windows,” they continue the gloomy, dismal songs, “This town it’s a black hole/Sucking me in/Fucking me up/Yes, it does.” The little bits of instrumentals help you hear how passionate and personal John O’Callaghan gets with his songs. Continue reading EP Review: The Maine- Imaginary Numbers

Concert Review: 3OH!3 & More – The Noise Tour

Journeys-Noise-Tour-3oh3I was so excited to hear that The Noise Tour was coming to The Fillmore in San Francisco among the 17 cities it would visit across the states. Rumor had it that the sales for this tour were not doing too well, and I could not figure out why. However, it may have been the price of the tickets. Many venues had tickets going for well over $30 which, for the average concert-goer, is way too expensive. But no matter what, I had to see it for myself. My middle school self was fangirling so hard when I found out that 3oh!3 was headlining, and The Summer Set, after having such a successful year, was supporting alongside Wallpaper. and New Beat Funds. Continue reading Concert Review: 3OH!3 & More – The Noise Tour