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34 Seconds of Waving Flag Footage Makes 20-Somethings Cry for 20 Minutes

Just before 2 o’clock on Wednesday, July, 20th 2016, the band My Chemical Romance’s dormant Twitter account released a 34-second video of a flag waving in the wind. The flag had a black cross on it and was bathed in white light. The twitter page also showcased a similar cross with the letters M, C, R, and X in the quadrants.

*Warning: you may have to play it multiple times if you’re like me, and start bawling every time the music starts.

Shocked, former  (and current) emo-teens everywhere tweeted out notice of the sudden activity, and by 3pm, the video had been shared more than 39,000 times. It is currently pinned to the top of the band’s Twitter profile.  Continue reading 34 Seconds of Waving Flag Footage Makes 20-Somethings Cry for 20 Minutes

In Loving Memory of Transit (2006-2016)

This is short and sweet, as I really never considered writing this until February 29th, 2016 while I was doing as Facebook told me and “celebrating the leap day.” Unfortunately, my measly mental festivities took a sudden turn when I started seeing tour posters and teary-eyed messages about the break up of one of the most widely enjoyed bands I have yet to hear of.

At first when I got news of the break up of the Boston emo band, I didn’t think much past “Nothing Lasts Forever,” a clever and then over-used pun. But once I got in my car and started listening to “Rest to Get Better,” I realized this band snuck it’s way into meaning a lot to me, something I think it’s done to and for a lot of people.  Continue reading In Loving Memory of Transit (2006-2016)

Album Review: Somos – “First Day Back”

The album “First Day Back,” released by emo-punk band Somos on February 19th, was exactly what I expected it to be. Which is, in many ways, a good thing. First of all, I had high hopes for the album after listening to “Temple of Plenty” and the Have Mercy Split for most of 2015. From that, it was obvious the band had real musical ability. Plus, Somos got a beaming recommendation from Have Mercy’s Brian Swindle when I interviewed him last March, so from that point on I knew they had to be good.

I was pleased with the quality of the album and the many exhibitions of talent Somos shows right off the bat. Every song flowed seamlessly into one another and I was immediately immersed in this album. Unlike “Temple of Plenty,” “First Day Back” is really good background music, almost reminiscent of some of the 1975’s synthy, flowly backtracks. These are especially noticeable in “Days Here are Long,” the sixth song on the eleven song record, and one of the most soothing.  Continue reading Album Review: Somos – “First Day Back”

What I Wish I Knew Before the Snowpocalypse

Last year, snow obliterated Boston, setting a new record of 110.5 inches (or as like to call it 2.8 me). Due to the unfortunate choices I made a year before that record-breaking snowfall, I, along with over 250,000 other college students, was stuck in Boston with seemingly nowhere to go. Being out of my element and dealing with the adjustments of freshmen year, as well as an unfair amount of snow day homework, I did not venture outside but once during the “Snowmageddon,” which brings me to point #1.  Continue reading What I Wish I Knew Before the Snowpocalypse

Secret Red Flags When Getting a Tattoo

I am a person, like many, who has tattoos.

I am also very, very critical of tattoos and of what goes in or on my body.

So when I went to get my first tattoo, it was after a year of researching places, artists, styles, etc. I wanted to plan the whole thing out, and I did. I looked into multiple shops in the area surrounding my school, and even around my hometown. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right. I had my tattoo idea for years and I thought about it every day the week before I got it. I had it drawn up using many reference pictures and I was scrutinizing of the sizing and details.  Continue reading Secret Red Flags When Getting a Tattoo