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My Problem with Taylor Swift

Post-Grammys, there’s always buzz about Taylor Swift. This year, there has been a good amount of articles that are [finally] calling her out on a lot of the problematic things she’s done and reasons why the author “cannot support her anymore.” My issue with these articles is that so many of them are more shallow than Swift herself.

Not to undermine anyone’s plight, but the usage of the word “squad” is not the worst thing Swift has done. If her usage of “squad” offends anyone, I am so deeply sorry. If you’re offended by that, you must be outraged by the other ways she’s appropriated culture (see: the video for Wildest Dreams).  Continue reading My Problem with Taylor Swift

Mixtape Monday: Spooky Songs

Welcome back to Mixtape Monday!

Do you miss the spooky Halloween spirit of October? So do we.

Here’s a playlist that’s great for both your Post Halloween Depression and pagan celebration of souls! This playlist is low-key but fun, reminiscent of good times, but not too upbeat or loud because we know you probably have a headache right now (from all the sugar of that leftover Halloween candy).

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