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Ryan is a 23 year old Music Journalism student from Derby and currently residing in Huddersfield, England. He is head of the Daily Slice UK Offices (which comprises of Kennedy and himself)

EP Review: Garden State – Safe/Dislocated

Derby-based quartet,garden state UK Garden State, have at long last showed the world what they are about with their debut release, a two-track EP entitled Safe/Dislocated. The EP was recorded and produced by Papayèr’s Tom Hall in Nottingham’s Confetti Studios. With a similar sound to Papayèr and after displaying some major potential in these two tracks, Garden State are sure to go far in the post-punk/emo genre. Continue reading EP Review: Garden State – Safe/Dislocated

Album Review: Survay Says! – Observations of the Human Condition

a0692550359_2Over the past few years, New Jersey based band, Survay Says have been one of the most hardworking bands on the scene, averaging at over 150 shows a year. And now they have dropped their third full length record, Observations of the Human Condition.

The instrumental intro “Marble Tower” makes it immediately evident that Survay Says have a sound much more complex than your run-of-the-mill ska-punk as the delicate guitar riff and pulsing bass drum slowly bring the song up to a high with the heavy guitars and horns that carry the tune seamlessly into “Ode To My Willpower (Or Lack Of)” -an infectiously catchy song that delivers everything you would want from a ska-punk song. Continue reading Album Review: Survay Says! – Observations of the Human Condition

Album Review: Mad Caddies – Dirty Rice

mad-caddies-dirty-riceAfter a seven year gap from the Mad Caddies’ last album, 2014 marks the return of the Californian Septep. And a triumphant one at that. Dirty Rice is the sixth full-length album from the Mad Caddies, to be released under Fat Wreck Chords on April 13.

The opening track, ‘Brand New Scar,’ was the first, and so far only track to be released from the album, and is a welcoming return to that Caddie’s sound we have deeply missed. It starts with the old-time piano intro and a lovely crescendo, leading into the band joining in at full-swing. With the extremely upbeat and catchy rhythm, it is just what you would expect from their return. Continue reading Album Review: Mad Caddies – Dirty Rice

Album Review: Light the Avenue – If You Really Want to Know

a2347753950_2Light the Avenue are a five-piece pop punk band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in late 2011, the band has gone on to release a three track self-titled EP in late 2012 and now their debut full length record, If You Really Want To Know.

The opening track on the EP ‘Letters’ is a one minute long intro which straight away shows what this band is about as it seamlessly fades into the second track ‘Tossing Bricks’. Bringing that modern pop-punk  vibe with its upbeat intro and angsty tone of the verse. By switching up the tempo of the song it keeps the song feeling fresh and far from repetitive which is more than enough to get you nodding your head. Continue reading Album Review: Light the Avenue – If You Really Want to Know

EP Review: Prospects & Elude – El Prospects (Split)

a1270135389_2El Prospects is a four track split EP between Prospects, hailing from Lárissa, Greece, and Seattle, Washington’s Elude. Prospects were formed in March 2010, and have been heavily influenced by late 90s and early 2000s Pop Punk bands such as Yellowcard, New Found Glory and Sum 41. The other half of this EP is from Elude, a trio formed around the same time as Prospects, and have since gone on to release two EPs and have their fair share of media attention across the United States. Despite the geographical distance between the two bands, it is clear by their sounds how they belong on a split together.  Continue reading EP Review: Prospects & Elude – El Prospects (Split)