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Ryan is a 23 year old Music Journalism student from Derby and currently residing in Huddersfield, England. He is head of the Daily Slice UK Offices (which comprises of Kennedy and himself)

Album Review: Bayside – Cult

CULT-CoverFor Bayside fans, it has been a long wait for new material since the New York based quartet dropped their 2011 LP Killing Time. But now Anthony, Nick,  Jack and Chris have stepped up and released Cult, their sixth full length studio album.

After their long relationship with Victory Records, releasing four albums before moving to Wind Up Records to release Killing Time, the band have again moved in order to release Cult under the Hopeless Records family.  Continue reading Album Review: Bayside – Cult

EP Review: Bumsy and the Moochers – Demos

imageIn early September, 6-piece ska/punk band Bumsy and the Moochers emerged from the Chicago suburbs with their debut release, a 4-track demo EP As the band enters their second year together, they have already made a name for themselves after spending the past year taking Chicago by storm, and don’t plan on settling down. And with this EP under their feet, that won’t prove too difficult.

The first track ‘Over the Dashboard’ drags you straight in and shows you exactly what Bumsy and the crew are all about. With the fast tempo drums, a driving guitar riff, and in no time we are introduced to Caitlin’s raw punky vocals which seal the deal with an extremely singable chorus.  Accompanied by the horns, it makes for a true ska track that you can’t help but dance to. Continue reading EP Review: Bumsy and the Moochers – Demos

Barriers and security at shows: How much do we really need them?

Back in the day, when going to a punk rock gig was a genuinely dangerous thing to do, were there barriers or security separating the crowd from the band? Of course not. I am sure even the biggest of security guards would think twice about standing in front of GG Allin or Circle One. But nowadays, shows tend to be much tamer, yet we have a barrier and 5 foot gap filled with security guards.

Though, of course, they are placed there in the interest of health and safety by helping kids get down from crowd surfing (often shortly before kicking them out of the venue). However, attending various shows, you occasionally find the bands or venues that don’t enforce these rules. Californian superhero punk/ska band The Aquabats play shows in the UK that are on a small enough scale that there is no need to have security, and this makes the shows a hundred times better due to the increased crowd participation and involvement. [And even after throwing three 12 year old kids into the waiting crowd to surf them back to their parents at the side of the venue there is no worry that they will come to harm. And not to mention punk legends Fugazi led by Minor Threat’s Ian MacKaye, straight up refused to play shows if there was a barrier present at the venue as he wanted to be as close to as crowd as possible so he can involve them. In the instance of someone causing trouble at their shows, the band personally escorted the individual out and refunded them. All without using any security.

Continue reading Barriers and security at shows: How much do we really need them?