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Melissa is a junior at Brooklyn College, currently studying film production. She puts her love of a red pen into action at The Daily Slice as an editor. In her free time, she can be found writing anything from novels to music… except for autobiographies. She hates writing autobiographies.

Fall Out Boy to release new game, “Fall Out Bird”

BgJ_UFMCMAEfknDcabAs many, if not most of you may know, the popular smartphone game “Flappy Bird” was removed from app stores on Sunday. This is likely to lead to many knock-off versions of the game to hit all the platforms soon, possibly disappointing fans of the viral game. However, no need to fear, for fans of Fall Out Boy! They might find themselves quite satisfied as Fall Out Boy will be releasing a new game called Fall Out Bird. The game is, essentially, Flappy Bird with our four favorite boys and is set to release later on this week.

Fall Out Boy had a huge success the last time they took a popular game and spun it their own way back in 2009, when the world was introduced to Fall Out Boy Trail, hosted on Friends Or Enemies. The game was originally released as a chance for fans to win tickets to the Believers Never Die Tour (Part Deux), but it quickly became much more than that. Continue reading Fall Out Boy to release new game, “Fall Out Bird”

Panic! At The Tabernacle

Atlanta Panic! At The Disco fans who attended tonight’s show at The Tabernacle were forced to evacuate after cracking the venue’s floor. Luckily, no injuries were reported. However, much disappointment has been reported from the fans who wanted to see the band play only to hear the first two songs of their set. Singer, Brendon Urie, promises they’ll return to see their Georgian fans in the summer. Continue reading Panic! At The Tabernacle

EP Review: Oh Honey – With Love

1000369_561246073955773_1538480283_n-590x590In September, Brooklyn based band, Oh Honey released their first single “Be Okay,” which sounded promising, and I was instantly a fan. Then again, it’s really hard to dislike any of the music Mitchy Collins has a hand in; and he sounds especially great next to Danielle Bouchard, with whom he shares the bands vocals. After pursuing different hobbies and interests, I had very little time to spend keeping up with the music scene in 2013, but With Love was one of the few EPs I was around to listen to upon release, and it was a great choice. While it came out a bit too late to define my summer, it’s still a great EP and still gives off fun summer vibes even though it’s currently 36 degrees and raining out. Continue reading EP Review: Oh Honey – With Love

Album Review: Fall Out Boy – Pax Am Days

Pax_am_days_fobIf Fall Out Boy were pizza, they’d be an extra cheese pizza (my favorite) complete with a glass of wine in a limo (see: Home Alone 2: Lost In New York). As my favorite band, I feel it would only be right to have them be my first album review over here on The Daily Slice. Their most recent release, Pax Am Days, would have been an easy album to miss as there was no big hoopla behind its release. To be honest, I didn’t even know it was released until nearly a week had passed and only heard of its existence from people complaining about the sound of the album. When I finally had a chance to listen to it, I was taken aback and had to double check that I was listening to Fall Out Boy. After returning from hiatus with radio-hit album Save Rock & Roll, this EP is far from the sound of the Fall Out Boy that many of us have known and loved. Continue reading Album Review: Fall Out Boy – Pax Am Days