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Mixtape Monday for The Week of June 16th

As music fans, we have a very strong love/hate relationship with a lot of songs and more often than not it comes from that one word… “Cover”. When you take a song and throw it into another genre it is going one of two ways: Something that is surprisingly genius like Finnish Battle Metal band Turisas’ cover of Boney M’s Rasputin or something that will make you roll around crying all the fluid from your body… See Cheryl Crow’s rendition of Sweet Child O’Mine. Continue reading Mixtape Monday for The Week of June 16th

Mixtape Monday For The Week of June 9th

Today’s Mixtape Monday consists of songs released from the 90s to today about all things related to love and sex. From pop-punk to R&B, these are some of my personal favorite ~sexual~ songs I’ve grown up listening to. Whether they’re classics or not recognized as often for their particularly suggestive nature, there’s no doubt that these are some perfect additions to the soundtrack to your steamy summer romance <3 <3 <3

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Mixtape Monday For The Week of June 2nd

HEYO! This week’s playlist is my very first Mixtape Monday, consisting of bands playing this years Warped Tour. Below are the bands I think you should check out this summer. I’m bad at these description things, so let’s get to the music! HAPPY WARPED TOUR.


hit and run  breathe carolina . reflections  we are the in crowd . carry me home  the ready set . die young live forever  we the kings . fall in love  bad rabbits . run  the maine . remedy  state champs . the geeks will inherit the earth  i fight dragons . history  this wild life . the feel good drag  anberlin . time has come  bayside . 1985  bowling for soup . wasting time (eternal summer)  four year strong . can’t say i miss you  nick santino . here i am alive  yellowcard.

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