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Industry Interview: Peter James of Manic Kat Records

Based in New York, Manic Kat Records have been helping indie punk artists navigate the music business since 2009. They emphasize collaboration and interpersonal connections in all of their work, and put forth an an artists-first philosophy that ensures the artists and label grow together. Manic Kat have signed acts like Rival Town, Wired for Havoc and Bad Case of Big Mouth in their eight years in operation, and have seen their artists featured in outlets like Alternative Press.

We caught up with Manic Kat’s owner and founder Peter James to hear about the label’s history, latest happenings, and (of course) pizza preferences.

The Daily Slice: Could you first introduce yourself to our readers with your name, your official title at Manic Kat Records, and (since we’re a pizza-themed site) the best place to get a slice of pizza in your hometown?
Peter James: Sure thing, my name is Peter James and I am the owner/founder of Manic Kat Records. The absolutely best slice of pizza is right down the street from our office, it’s called Mr. Crispy’s Brick Oven Pizza. They have the best thin sliced pizza in the area, hands down!  Continue reading Industry Interview: Peter James of Manic Kat Records

“It has to be the sheer love of expression” | An Interview with Marko Saaresto

potf43_origPoets of the Fall is, without a doubt, one of the most underrated bands of our time.  After making music for 13 years–and becoming one of my personal favorites along the way–Poets of the Fall just released their seventh studio album, Clearview on Spotify and iTunes.

As the band prepares to head out on tour in Russia this month, I had a chance to ask lead singer Marko Saaresto a few questions. Check them out below, and also on Art On The Edge.

Adam McPartlan:  Of your extensive catalog, do you have a favorite song, or a song that you think is the band’s best?

Marko Saaresto: The favourites seem to change depending on moods, seasons, what’s new, what we’ve “played too much” etc. But we think every song is unique in its own way and deserves it’s place in our repertoire, so for us, being the authors, if you will, no one song is somehow ultimately better than the others, just maybe better suited for a certain occasion or mood.  Continue reading “It has to be the sheer love of expression” | An Interview with Marko Saaresto

‘We are going to give kids a voice.’ | An Interview with Ashley Adler Coro

If you’ve been to Warped Tour this year, you may have noticed one of the newest additions to the sea of tents that populate the festival grounds at each city, Can You Hear Me? Inspired by family members who have grappled with suicide and addiction, co-founder Ashley Adler Coro and her mother tried to start support groups in her town and high school with little community backing. But they were determined to reach out to people who are struggling, so they turned to another resource: the internet. Teens have often found solace in outlets like Tumblr, other blogging platforms, and online forums, but are frequently exposed to even more bullying and judgment online.

CYHM? is an non-profit organization whose website is dedicated to allowing teens to express how they’re feeling without fear of that backlash, and have most recently taken their message on the road for the 2016 Vans Warped Tour. We spoke with Ashley before the Mansfield stop of the tour on July 13 to learn more about the organization and their plans for their summer on the road.

The Daily Slice: Can you introduce yourself with your name, your role at Can You Hear Me?, and your all-time favorite spot to grab a slice?
Ashley Adler Coro: Hello! My name is Ashley Adler Coro, I am the co-founder of Can You Hear Me?, and I think my all time favorite place to grab a slice of pizza is definitely Otto in Portland, Maine! They have some of the best toppings and the atmosphere is amazing! Continue reading ‘We are going to give kids a voice.’ | An Interview with Ashley Adler Coro

Artists in the Army: An Interview with Dash|Ten

Combine a dash of nineties grunge with a punch of pop then scour off the sheen of post-production trickery. What you’re left with is the organic, straight-from-the-garage power-prog trio Dash|Ten, who released their self-titled debut album this past week.

The band consists of bassist and vocalist Corrin Campbell, guitarist Steve Ebert, and drummer Pete Greenberg. We had a chance to catch up with them and talk about their latest release, their military beginnings, and their upcoming stint on Van’s Warped Tour.

The Daily Slice: Can you tell us a little bit about where you’re from?

Dash|Ten: We are based out of Louisville, KY, though we are kind of from everywhere because we’re in the Army. It’s funny, though, because we’re all mid-western kids originally, so we have a bit of common ground there. We all moved south to get to warmer climates!  Continue reading Artists in the Army: An Interview with Dash|Ten

Interview with Sudden Suspension

I recently had the opportunity to ask Sudden Suspension a few questions. The three piece pop punk band are signed to Bad Timing Records and are from Chicago, IL by way of Lake County, Indiana. Check out the exclusive interview below.

The Daily Slice: For the record, can the members of Sudden Suspension state their names and their roles in the band?

Brandon S: Hello, I am Brandon, and I complain and play guitar.
Brandon B: I play bass.
Griffin: I play drums. 
Continue reading Interview with Sudden Suspension