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Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival Taking Over Miami Next Week

This fall, musicians and celebrity chefs are coming together for Chipotle Mexican Grill’s Cultivate Festival, described by organizers as the “one-day food, music and ideas festival is truly a family affair meant for all ages.” Boasting a Kids’ Zone, several celebrity appearances, and some awesome musical guests, the goal of the event is to engage attendees in “educational activities to help families learn about where their food comes from and why it’s important.”


Saturday, Nov. 12, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. in Bayfront Park, Miami, FL

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Holistic Therapy in Huddersfield

You may have seen odd round marks on the likes of Michael Phelps and Alex Naddour at the Rio Olympics earlier this year and wondered what they were. Well, they’re not burns or bruises; they’re from an ancient form of alternative holistic therapy called “cupping.”

There are three different types of cupping: flash cupping, sliding cupping and the regular method, which typically involves 10 cups. There is also dry and wet cupping, the latter of which can often include bloodletting. The treatment is typically used to treat a variety of ailments, such as pain and inflammation, and also to aid in blood flow and help with relaxation. Typically it’s also used as a type of deep tissue massage. Continue reading Holistic Therapy in Huddersfield

10 Tips For Playing Pokemon Go With Your Partner

In a world where babyboomer after babyboomer criticizes millennials for their “obsession” with smartphones, Pokémon Go challenges the norm by getting 20-somethings out of the house to enjoy churches, museums, parks, malls, and other local areas. Not only could PoGo effectively solve retail issues and has provided a healthy experience for those with depression and anxiety, but it also provides a way for people to genuinely connect with each other—yeah, even with their noses in their smartphones.

As a singular person playing in Los Angeles, I’ve interacted more with the neighborhoods where I live and work in my first week of Pokémon training than I had in six months of actually living and working there. Most of this has been due to the strong FaceBook and Reddit communities dedicated to helping each other find the Pokémon missing from our collections. But surprise human interaction has happened on the street, too—once, when I was battling a gym in a mall, a guy at a food kiosk gave me some water even though we were on opposing teams. A few days later a woman and I caught an Arbok at the same time on the same street corner and cheered each other on while we did it.

And last weekend my boyfriend and I had our first ever Poké-date. That’s right. We had a date… dedicated to Pokémon.

While that might be the most cliché 90’s thing you’ve ever heard, for us it was perfect. If you’re like us and work over 40 hours a week, having something that motivates you to get out of the house and explore your city together is worth pursuing. With the world as the game board, you and your S/O can have a fun, competitive, but relaxing date walking around exploring your surroundings—here are some tips to help your experience playing with your partner as enjoyable as possible. Continue reading 10 Tips For Playing Pokemon Go With Your Partner

‘We are going to give kids a voice.’ | An Interview with Ashley Adler Coro

If you’ve been to Warped Tour this year, you may have noticed one of the newest additions to the sea of tents that populate the festival grounds at each city, Can You Hear Me? Inspired by family members who have grappled with suicide and addiction, co-founder Ashley Adler Coro and her mother tried to start support groups in her town and high school with little community backing. But they were determined to reach out to people who are struggling, so they turned to another resource: the internet. Teens have often found solace in outlets like Tumblr, other blogging platforms, and online forums, but are frequently exposed to even more bullying and judgment online.

CYHM? is an non-profit organization whose website is dedicated to allowing teens to express how they’re feeling without fear of that backlash, and have most recently taken their message on the road for the 2016 Vans Warped Tour. We spoke with Ashley before the Mansfield stop of the tour on July 13 to learn more about the organization and their plans for their summer on the road.

The Daily Slice: Can you introduce yourself with your name, your role at Can You Hear Me?, and your all-time favorite spot to grab a slice?
Ashley Adler Coro: Hello! My name is Ashley Adler Coro, I am the co-founder of Can You Hear Me?, and I think my all time favorite place to grab a slice of pizza is definitely Otto in Portland, Maine! They have some of the best toppings and the atmosphere is amazing! Continue reading ‘We are going to give kids a voice.’ | An Interview with Ashley Adler Coro