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Thnks fr th Mmrs

Dear friends,

If you’ve noticed we’ve been quiet for most of this year, you’re right. The Daily Slice is, sadly, coming to a close.

The reason I’ve decided to close this chapter of my life is pretty simple: When I was 16 years old when this thing first started, I could afford to be paid in free music and concerts, but free stuff won’t pay the bills and I, unfortunately, do not have the time or resources to invest in the site to make it generate revenue. So I’ve decided I can’t continue to ask the wonderful writers who helped me keep this site afloat, who I care for and respect, to donate their time anymore.  You could say, I guess this is growing up.

I couldn’t fit all the good this website and community have brought me into one post. But I’ll do my best. First and foremost, I have to thank the contributors, current and former. They’re great writers and photographers, and even better friends. Some of them I’ve never met, but feel like I’ve known forever. Some I knew before TDS. And some I met because of TDS. I even flew across the Atlantic to meet Ryan. Lots of these people have been with me from the very beginning, and have provided an incredible support system for me through all the ups and downs of this industry, especially when I’ve had something “controversial” to say.

And of course I have to thank the community I’ve become a part of because of my work on this website and all of the projects that came from it. I can’t name everyone, but some of my best friends have come out of this scene, and you kept me afloat in some of the weirdest years of my life so far. You listened to my crappy radio show and never (ok, rarely) made fun of me for the dumb shit I said on-air. Dozens of you performed at the show I put on for my 18th birthday. We’ve had sleepovers and waited in lines for 8+ hours before concerts in excruciating weather. And you stood behind me when people in positions of power in this scene resorted to public humiliation, name-calling, and mass onslaughts of bullying to discredit my writing on sexism and misogyny in our scene (concerns that had been voiced by women and queer folks long before me, and have been voiced ever since). This has stuck with me most of all, and I could never adequately express my appreciation.

I’m very grateful to have been so heavily involved in this music scene during what feels to me like a moment of reckoning. From Front Porch Step to With Confidence, I am encouraged by the way this scene has moved forward in recent years to address its deeply rooted issues. However, the fact that artists like Falling in Reverse and Don Bronco headlined the final run of Vans Warped Tour shows me we have a long way to go. While many of us have fond memories of Warped, I hope that as these two chapters of my life close simultaneously, our scene can move forward in a more radical way where we prioritize the safety and acceptance of all fans, not just the most powerful at the top, and eradicate all abusers from the scene, not just a few sacrificial lambs. And I hope to be a part of this ongoing transformation, both as a fan and a writer, but in a different capacity than I have been these last seven years.

Anyway…I digress. The Daily Slice will still be available online, but as an archive to pay tribute to the last seven years of adventures and the amazing work of my friends. Over the next few months, you might see some changes to the layout to reflect this. Most of the staff are on Twitter or Instagram. Check out our bios for links, and I would encourage you to follow all the talented people on this site. I can’t wait to see what we all go on to do.

To anyone who has bothered to click on this site or read one of the pieces published here, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I adore each and every one of you, and I’d rate you all 8 out of 8 slices.

Thnks fr th Mmrs.


The Daily Slice To Premiere Cover Of “Replay” By Giants At Large This Week

#ICYMI: Preorders for the (Romance) In The Digital Age soundtrack went live yesterday. If you haven’t heard, The film stars LOLO (you probably know her as the female voice in “Miss Jackson” by Panic At The Disco) and Chris Warren Jr., who’s best known for playing Zeke from High School Musical. The film is directed by Jason Michael Brescia, who previously worked on movies like The Newest Pledge and Bridge and Tunnel.

The Daily Slice is excited to announce that we’re premiering a track off the soundtrack by long-time TDS favorites Giants At Large: a cover of Iyaz’s 2009 classic “Replay.” The track will be available to stream on The Daily Slice’s website on Friday at 12:00pm EST.  Continue reading The Daily Slice To Premiere Cover Of “Replay” By Giants At Large This Week

The Daily Slice Launches Webstore to Continue Running

Click here to visit our new merch store!

Help The Daily Slice stay alive and rock some of our super limited edition hand screen printed merch designs! In order for us to keep doing what we’re doing, we need to raise some funds to maintain our website. We designed some TDS merchandise to try and offset the costs as best as we can, so if you love music, pizza, or can relate to our income-less passion, please consider picking up a shirt.

All purchases will come with surprise stickers and buttons that we’ve collected from bands along the way, as well as a personalized hand-written thank you note.

We can’t put our gratitude into words. Thank you so much for your continued support.


The Daily Slice

Native Construct’s Debut Album ‘Quiet World’ Back in Stock

After a momentary absence, Boston MA prog-metal powerhouse Native Construct’s astounding Metal Blade Records debut ‘Quiet World’ is back in stock. It is highly recommended that you snag a copy before they’re gone again so you can experience the sheer sense of accomplishment of holding in your hands one of the most interesting releases of the genre in recent years.

Click herem to purchase and don’t forget to follow the band on Twitter!