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Can A Series Go On For Too Long?

I feel as though ‘have we dragged this on too long’ is a question that every TV writer, or film writer, has asked themselves at one point throughout a series, only some seem to get it wrong. When you start watching a series, whether it be a new TV series, or a series of films new or a remake, you always expect the end of that series to end with a bang.

From the minute you start watching it, from that very first minute you begin to think about how it might end, you think about your favourite characters, what might happen to them, where they might end up and you constantly wish your dream of it will come true. And in some circumstances that does happen, even if it isn’t the ending you want it’s something so brilliant you often don’t even care. But, sometimes, just sometimes, that doesn’t happen. And the ending is so shocking you wonder why they didn’t think to end it before or what in their minds made them think it was a good plan!  Continue reading Can A Series Go On For Too Long?

Looking Back: Our Favorite Albums of 2015

Nate Reuss – “Grand Romantic”

1035x1035-MI0003873687“Grand Romantic is definitely my top album of the year. I’m a sucker for sad lyrics hidden within catchy, upbeat tunes. I’m also a sucker for Nate Ruess’ unique voice, especially when paired with Beck’s vocals and instrumentation.” –Melissa


Knuckle Puck – “Copacetic”

Knuckle-Puck-Copacetic-760x760“This album is what State Champs’ ‘The Finer Things’ was for me in 2013. Every track hits harder than the last, and keeps me going when all I want to do is give up. I’ve always said Knuckle Puck were the next big thing in pop-punk, and they’re proving it more and more with each album they release. ‘Copacetic’ drove Knuckle Puck to dominate the genre this year, and they proved it with a killer tour to support an absolutely incredible album.” –Tori  Continue reading Looking Back: Our Favorite Albums of 2015

Songs We’re Thankful For

To anyone who celebrated today, Happy Thanksgiving from the Daily Slice staff! To anyone who doesn’t celebrate, we hope you have lots to be thankful for and you ate lots of yummy food today anyway, even if it wasn’t for a holiday. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the songs we’re thankful for this holiday season. What songs are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

The Naked and Famous – “All of This”

“I’m thankful for this song because #1: it open the record in the style of a really well thought out thesis statement, foreshadowing all that is to come and all the musical stylings that are to be expanded upon through the rest of the album. I usually throw on this album after an exhausting day or when I just need to decompress my whirlwind mind and chill out for a bit. #2 I’m a total theory nerd and love that it’s in quintuple meter which most pop songs don’t do. It gives it an impossibly cool feel and works so well for the whole vibe of the track. #3 it’s just a really damn good, timeless song with great lyrics AND on top of all that it’s got a sick guitar solo too so what’s not to love??” –Nick  Continue reading Songs We’re Thankful For

What to Do When Your Streaming Service Acknowledges That You’re Total Trash: A Rundown and Review of Apple Music Customization

“So what’s your favorite band?” 

That’s it, the only question that can cold-clock me into a fugue state where my knees feel as if they’re composed entirely of off-brand Jell-O and sweat drips from my forehead so furiously that anyone standing beneath me may experience a sensation not entirely unlike straight waterboarding. The fact of the matter is, while I’d like to say I’m proud of my music taste, I am, in part, admittedly pop-punk trash who also dabbles in mid-nineties to early two-thousands novelty hip-hop. When I put my iPod on shuffle at a party, there’s a strong likelihood that the seminal classic “Ms. New Booty,” by legendary hit-maker Bubba Sparxxx may interrupt a steady stream of emo ballads from the earliest days of the new millenium.

It is what it is. This is my lot in life. The final step is acceptance.

So when Apple announced a free trial of their personalized streaming service (aptly, though perhaps not overly creatively, called Apple Music), I was equal parts ecstatic and apprehensive. Would Apple Music have the sentience to see through my self-inflated musical ego and judge me?

Continue reading What to Do When Your Streaming Service Acknowledges That You’re Total Trash: A Rundown and Review of Apple Music Customization