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Concert Review: 3OH!3 & More – The Noise Tour

Journeys-Noise-Tour-3oh3I was so excited to hear that The Noise Tour was coming to The Fillmore in San Francisco among the 17 cities it would visit across the states. Rumor had it that the sales for this tour were not doing too well, and I could not figure out why. However, it may have been the price of the tickets. Many venues had tickets going for well over $30 which, for the average concert-goer, is way too expensive. But no matter what, I had to see it for myself. My middle school self was fangirling so hard when I found out that 3oh!3 was headlining, and The Summer Set, after having such a successful year, was supporting alongside Wallpaper. and New Beat Funds. Continue reading Concert Review: 3OH!3 & More – The Noise Tour

Album Review: Fall Out Boy – Pax Am Days

Pax_am_days_fobIf Fall Out Boy were pizza, they’d be an extra cheese pizza (my favorite) complete with a glass of wine in a limo (see: Home Alone 2: Lost In New York). As my favorite band, I feel it would only be right to have them be my first album review over here on The Daily Slice. Their most recent release, Pax Am Days, would have been an easy album to miss as there was no big hoopla behind its release. To be honest, I didn’t even know it was released until nearly a week had passed and only heard of its existence from people complaining about the sound of the album. When I finally had a chance to listen to it, I was taken aback and had to double check that I was listening to Fall Out Boy. After returning from hiatus with radio-hit album Save Rock & Roll, this EP is far from the sound of the Fall Out Boy that many of us have known and loved. Continue reading Album Review: Fall Out Boy – Pax Am Days