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Reflections on West Bend High School in the DeVos Era

This post originally appeared on The Radical Notion.

As a middle schooler, when you pictured your upcoming years of high school, did you ever imagine suing your administration for discriminating against you and your friends?

The West Bend High School Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) existed for years, but was unrecognized by their school. They had an advisor and regular meetings, but official recognition from administration would allow them to advertise their events around campus, have a photo in the yearbook, and request funding if they ever needed it (they didn’t, they just wanted to hang posters).

Samlin Miller, former president of the West Bend High School GSA, explained that having a visible school-sponsored GSA would help educate and acclimate the school’s LGBTQ students. Without spaces like these clubs, students struggling to understand their identities may have nowhere to turn.  Continue reading Reflections on West Bend High School in the DeVos Era

Podcast: Women In Music

Ever since alternative music began, it has seemingly been a largely male-dominated genre, from the artists to the people working behind the scenes and everything in between. Even the lyrics created within these genres are almost seen to be against women, with the stereotypical layout being a male singer whining about not being able to get the girl and knowing he could treat her better than the guy she has.

But that’s just the view of a fan, what have people within the industry noticed. Do they think there’s a lack of women? Have a listen to my podcast below to hear what bands had to say about women in music and see if you agree of disagree!

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Eric Canto Premieres Video for “Delivery Time”

This week, Eric Canto released the official music video for his song “Delivery Time,” shot and edited by our very own Asa Reed. The track comes off Canto’s upcoming album I Paint You, I Paint You, I Paint You, which is set to be released on February 2. Stay tuned for a review of the album on The Daily Slice!

In the meantime, click here to download the single on iTunes and click here to listen to more of Eric Canto’s music on Spotify. You can check out the music video for “Delivery Time” below.