EP Review: Oh Honey – With Love

1000369_561246073955773_1538480283_n-590x590In September, Brooklyn based band, Oh Honey released their first single “Be Okay,” which sounded promising, and I was instantly a fan. Then again, it’s really hard to dislike any of the music Mitchy Collins has a hand in; and he sounds especially great next to Danielle Bouchard, with whom he shares the bands vocals. After pursuing different hobbies and interests, I had very little time to spend keeping up with the music scene in 2013, but With Love was one of the few EPs I was around to listen to upon release, and it was a great choice. While it came out a bit too late to define my summer, it’s still a great EP and still gives off fun summer vibes even though it’s currently 36 degrees and raining out. Continue reading EP Review: Oh Honey – With Love

EP Review: The Maine- Imaginary Numbers

ImaginaryNumbersWith The Maine, you never really know what to expect with their next album. Each album they have written has a story of its own, so well written that it makes you fall in love with them all over again. This EP was no different. When The Maine released an acoustic EP Imaginary Numbers, I had no idea what to expect. The first song on the EP, “Raining in Paris,” automatically puts you in a tranquil mood. You are able to feel at ease, comfortable, and relaxed; and that does not change though the album. Each song is beautifully written and some very dark and sad. With the next song on the EP, “Room with no Windows,” they continue the gloomy, dismal songs, “This town it’s a black hole/Sucking me in/Fucking me up/Yes, it does.” The little bits of instrumentals help you hear how passionate and personal John O’Callaghan gets with his songs. Continue reading EP Review: The Maine- Imaginary Numbers

Concert Review: Hit The Lights & more – GK Holiday Festival

1555298_10151756327105736_703802040_nThe old age saying is that the show must go on. The Glamour Kills Holiday show was originally supposed to be on January 3rd, 2014. However, due to a blizzard in the Northeast that weekend, the show was postponed to January 11th. I don’t think Mother Nature wanted this show to actually happen, as it was raining on and off that whole day. That rain turned into a downpour before VIP and then again before doors. Everyone involved with planning this show would not let a downpour get in the way of what was going to be quite a memorable show.

Due to the show’s postponement, two of the bands on the original line up (Misser and Elder Brother) could not make the new date. However, two acts were added in their place. Now the lineup for the Glamour Kills Holiday show looked like the following – Hit the Lights, Handguns, State Champs, Vinnie Caruana, and No Good News. Even before the show even started, if you got a ticket to this show, you already knew it was going to be memorable. Hit The Lights was going to be playing their second album, Skip School, Start Fights front to back for the first time ever. Continue reading Concert Review: Hit The Lights & more – GK Holiday Festival

PSA: What NOT to do at Shows

Here is a little Public Service Announcement for those of you who like to attend shows but have zero respect for other people: hitting someone in order to get something that was thrown off of the stage is not ok.

Picture this: you’re at a concert, it’s the end of the show, and a drumstick is thrown into the crowd and you catch it! Yes! A few more are tossed into the crowd and you’re still standing there basking in the glory of a 16 inch piece of wood. But all of a sudden someone decides that they deserve to have it more than you do so they try to grab it out of your hand. “What the hell! This is mine I caught it,” you exclaim, but the girl decides to keep pulling on it. You’ve got two hands on it now and you know that you are NOT letting this go because is this chick for real? Trying to steal this piece of memorabilia right out of your grasp because she wasn’t able to catch one herself? So you try and turn away from her hoping for the love of god she would just let go already. Continue reading PSA: What NOT to do at Shows

EP Review: The Venetia Fair – …Basically Just Does Karaoke

Review submitted by Crewys Lane // contributing writer

When my friends Jake and Keegan showed me The Venetia Fair on a drunken weekend night, my mind was blown. They capture every bit of crazy to make a perfect “clusterfuck” of musical genius. When I first heard they were making …Basically Just Does Karaoke I was very excited for what could come out of it. Then I saw the bands they were covering (Queen, Green Day, The B52s, Dexy’s Midnight Runner, The Blood Brothers, and Coheed and Cambria) I was a little nervous for this release. Nevertheless, this is a very solid release for The Venetia Fair.
Continue reading EP Review: The Venetia Fair – …Basically Just Does Karaoke