Interivew with Matthew of Call The Station

734109_476731052436515_2105964650_nI’d been hearing some buzz about Call The Station for quite some time. Their current line up consists of Florio, lead vocalist Anthony Wall, guitarist Mauricio Rincon and bassist Eran Abraham, and after having heard of some members from their previous bands, I decided to reach out to their guitarist/vocalist Matthew Florio to get a closer look at the band, where they’re from, where they’re going, and their debut album Signals.

Where Is Call The Station based out of?
We are from Long Island, NY.

Where did the name Call The Station come from?
Our singer Anthony came up with it while we were recording. We had a bunch of bad names, and this just seemed to fit the best.

How long have you guys been playing together?
Anthony, Mauricio, and Eran met at college a few years ago. They started playing shows with their previous band until I met Mauricio in 2011.  We started writing and playing together more and went through a few lineup changes.
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Panic! At The Tabernacle

Atlanta Panic! At The Disco fans who attended tonight’s show at The Tabernacle were forced to evacuate after cracking the venue’s floor. Luckily, no injuries were reported. However, much disappointment has been reported from the fans who wanted to see the band play only to hear the first two songs of their set. Singer, Brendon Urie, promises they’ll return to see their Georgian fans in the summer. Continue reading Panic! At The Tabernacle

Interview with Casey of Hockomock Records

Interview submitted by Aj Fargnoli // contributing writer

74913_542842092458522_737273873_nSince Rochester, NY is one of the three major cities upstate NY has to offer in the music industry, there are many titles to keep up with. Being that bands like Polar Bear Club, members of Hit The Lights, Such Gold, and many other heavyweights in the business reside here,  it’s with no surprise that a revolution will spark some of the town residents eyes. For some of them, they start bands, and for others; they start record labels. Casey Sanders and Jordan Serrano are kindle to the fire that is Hockomock Records; a new and upcoming label straight from the 585 to go above and beyond just any label that starts small with little motivation. With some time aside from his busy schedule, I got to take a minute to speak with Casey and get some inside news on the label, from their creation to their future ideas.

Where did the name “Hockomock Records” come from?
One time Jordan and I researched some places that are said to be paranormal activity hotspots. There’s one called the Bridgewater Triangle in New England and in that region there’s an area called Hockomock Swamp where people supposedly see ghosts. “Hockomock” is a Native American word for “place where spirits dwell.” Continue reading Interview with Casey of Hockomock Records

Photos: Civil Pilots & more @ The Room

I shot some photos of a few of my favorite local bands from back home before returning to school in Boston from winter break. Check them out below, and make sure you look them all up on Facebook and Twitter to hear their music and keep up to date with future shows, releases, and more!

Broadcast Hearts


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Album Review: You Me At Six – Cavalier Youth

ymas_cavalieryouthLike many of the eager You Me At Six fans across the globe, I had been waiting for their new album to be released for so long. But fellow fans, the wait is over! You Me at Six finally released their fourth album Cavalier Youth this week. Before the album was even released, we got a teaser with two singles, “Lived a Lie” and “Fresh Start Fever,” and a music video to go with the former. With these releases, anticipation built for this album, and after hearing it in full,  it was what I expected from the rock group across the pond.

Each song off of Cavalier Youth is strong and powerful. The first track, “Too Young to Feel This Old,” starts the album off strong. It’s your typical love song, but with a twist. Besides the catchy repetition of, “I’m just a boy, he said./ I’m just a girl, she said./ We’re in love, they said./What happens next, who cares?” the song is upbeat and relatable. Lead singer Josh Franceschi sings with so much power and emotion that you can feel the passion in your bones. Continue reading Album Review: You Me At Six – Cavalier Youth