EP Review: The Venetia Fair – …Basically Just Does Karaoke

Review submitted by Crewys Lane // contributing writer

When my friends Jake and Keegan showed me The Venetia Fair on a drunken weekend night, my mind was blown. They capture every bit of crazy to make a perfect “clusterfuck” of musical genius. When I first heard they were making …Basically Just Does Karaoke I was very excited for what could come out of it. Then I saw the bands they were covering (Queen, Green Day, The B52s, Dexy’s Midnight Runner, The Blood Brothers, and Coheed and Cambria) I was a little nervous for this release. Nevertheless, this is a very solid release for The Venetia Fair.
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Album Review: Tonight Alive – The Other Side

Tonight-Alive-‘The-Other-Side’-Cover-ArtworkOne thing that draws so many people to music is the connection they feel with it. This type of connection is unlike any other; it’s something that is hard to put into words and one that must be experienced to truly understand. The reasoning for someone’s personal link to a certain album, song, artist, or style of music could be based upon the time at which they heard the soft strum of that guitar, those unforgettable soaring vocals, or that one line that really resonated with some of their most important life experiences. Every music fan has a moment like this, and it is every song’s goal to provide someone, somewhere with that moment.

There are several albums that have sparked this type of moment for me. Each one came at a pivotal point in my life and represents that time in my mind. Tonight Alive’s new record, The Other Side, is my newest addition to that list. Continue reading Album Review: Tonight Alive – The Other Side

Interview with Joel Kanitz of This Century

I had the chance to sit down with Joel from This Century while the band was out on the Up Close And Personal Tour with Nick Santino & The Northern Wind. We discussed Thanksgiving on the road, Christmas movies, and the tour among other things. Make sure you pick up a copy of their album Biography of a Heartbreak on iTunes and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter!