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A Day To Remember- Download Festival 2015

In their highest festival appearance yet, A Day To Remember took the Donnington stage by storm at Download 2015. It’s been two years since the Ocala quintet played the festival, but with the audience they pulled, it’s clear they hadn’t been forgotten.

Starting their set with the astonishing ‘Downfall of Us All’, the mud-covered, rain-soaked crowd got straight into motion opening up circle pits and generally just having a fantastic time. Moving swiftly onto ‘2nd Sucks’ and ‘Right Back At It Again’, front man Jeremy McKinnon stepped out from under the cover of the stage to embrace the typical British weather with his fans. That was when he told everyone ‘we’re gonna headline this shit one day’. With the momentum the band are building at the minute, even with recently trouble with Victory Records, that day may not be too far in the future.  Continue reading A Day To Remember- Download Festival 2015

Mixtape Monday for the week of 8/25

This whole playlist is a result of trying to figure out who was the female vocalist on This Wild Life’s song ‘Better With You.’ Everything you need to know about this playlist is in the title, which is ‘Player [    ] has entered the game.’ Nothing wrong with bringing in a guest vocalist or maybe seven for a certain idea turn into reality.