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Live Review: AJJ at Rock City Studios in Camarillo, CA

On August 23, AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad) played in Camarillo, California as part of “The Bible 2’r”, a string of shows in the Southwest celebrating the release of their new album, The Bible 2. They brought with them ROAR and John Congleton and the Nighty Nite, two supports quite fitting for the occasion. The venue, Rock City Studios, which is located in a strip mall two doors down from a Baptist church, was intimate and filled with plenty of fake fog and purple lights, creating an eerie vibe that complimented the music being played.

ROAR, a band from AJJ’s hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, took the stage first, although if you’d missed the poster at the door you may not have realized it, as they never actually introduced themselves. They kept chatter at a minimum through their set, though stopping to thank AJJ and John Congleton for a great tour and mentioning that they had merch to sell in the back of the venue. The band’s sound is a pleasant mixture of oldies and emo pop, pairing bright guitar sounds and easy riffs with deeper lyrics. They weren’t the most entertaining to watch, but definitely great to listen to. Continue reading Live Review: AJJ at Rock City Studios in Camarillo, CA

Album Review: AJJ – The Bible 2

Phoenix, Arizona’s AJJ have recently found themselves as one of the biggest names in folk punk (even if that name has gotten a whole lot shorter since they started out in the scene). Their music has been noted for its unique arrangements and clever lyrics that express both humor and anxiety in such a way that the listener finds themselves simultaneously uncomfortable and excited. AJJ’s latest release, The Bible 2, incorporates all the witty lyricisms and commentary listeners have come to expect from AJJ with a grandiose sound and exciting arrangements worthy of a band that helped put folk punk on the map.

The Bible 2 opens with “Cody’s Theme”, diving right into the strange reality of a troubled childhood. Singer Sean Bonnette half sings-half shouts about parent teacher conferences, taking anger out on trees and other objects, and being a “total dick” as a child. The song is loud and exciting, filled with distorted guitar riffs and a chorus that manages to convince you to dance to a song about a really troubled kid while still wondering if he turned out ok. Continue reading Album Review: AJJ – The Bible 2

Andrew Jackson Jihad Shares New Name, New Track

In a statement published yesterday, folk-punk quintet Andrew Jackson Jihad announced that the band would be permanently changing their name to AJJ, an abbreviation that fans of the group have been using since their early days on the scene. A politically conscious group, AJJ attributed the name change, twelve years in the making, to an increased sensitivity and understanding about the implications of their referential choices.  Continue reading Andrew Jackson Jihad Shares New Name, New Track